What makes Tahirul Qadri tick

By Gen Aslam Beg

Tahirul Qadri suffers from an acute sense of anomie. He thinks that the social order is rotten, to be demolished and a new structure is to be raised. He claims to have the plan, to build such an utopian order. Therefore he declared “I am coming, at the peril of . . . → Read More: What makes Tahirul Qadri tick

Muslims don’t need enemies

By Asif Haroon Raja

The Indo-US-Western-Israeli media has been orchestrating a malicious campaign to ridicule and defame Islam to supplement liquidation drive undertaken by the neo-con crusaders. This was coordinated by American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee. All those within the Muslim world who help them in undermining Islam and eliminating practicing Muslims and scholars . . . → Read More: Muslims don’t need enemies

YouTube ban not to be lifted any time soon

YouTube users in Pakistan will probably have to wait much longer than they anticipated before they can call up the popular video-sharing website again.

The problem stems from the fact that Pakistan and the United States lack a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT), which is what the company usually uses to filter out objectionable videos.

. . . → Read More: YouTube ban not to be lifted any time soon

Rethinking the Savage vs. Civilized

By Prof. Lawrence Davidson

Back on 1 August 2012 I posted a piece entitled History on a Billboard.  It reported on the placement, in the northern suburbs of New York City, of informational billboards with  maps of Palestine showing the steady growth of Israeli confiscated territory and the corresponding shrinkage of territory available to the indigenous . . . → Read More: Rethinking the Savage vs. Civilized

Islam and the ‘history’ of violence

Though no age in the human history is immaculate of the bloodspots of violence but in the present phase of the history when due to fast means of communication the world has withered into a village, violence has become a hot burning topic everywhere. By nature and manifestation violence is of different kinds. One is . . . → Read More: Islam and the ‘history’ of violence

How about Annual OIC Games?

Muslim Nations Need to Organize Annual Sport Events


[Overall performance of Muslim nations at Asian Games in China-Guangzhou promptly calls for a sport event exclusively for the Muslim world to promote constructive sport skills among the peoples of the Muslim world. But Muslim nations have to perform much better in future – especially . . . → Read More: How about Annual OIC Games?