The Political Economy of Intolerance in Pakistan

Intolerance in society – an individual with an intolerant mindset, or a community with values of intolerance and hatred – is the prime incubator for extremism, which manifests itself in the form of violent militancy and terrorism. Counter-terror policies are completely inadequate if they do not include the necessary social, political, educational and . . . → Read More: The Political Economy of Intolerance in Pakistan

Turning Islam into a religion of war and hate

Common Muslims between the Theology of Takfir (declaring others unbelievers) and the Politics of Takhrib (destruction)


Scores of religious edicts and decrees are issued by Muslim theologians, muftis and Ulema almost every day denouncing fellow Muslims who do not accept their version of Islam and hundreds of debates take place on these edicts in . . . → Read More: Turning Islam into a religion of war and hate

Incredible India?

by Prem Sagar

Read it and open your eyes about great India:

900 million people earn only 20 rupees per day in India.

Out of which 500 million people earns only 10 rupees per day.

Out of which 250 million makes only 5 rupees per day.

Out of which 50 million people makes nothing.

We . . . → Read More: Incredible India?

Not so shiny India

By John Pilger

In five-star hotels on Mumbai’s seafront, children of the rich squeal joyfully as they play hide and seek. Nearby, at the National Theatre for the Performing Arts, people arrive for the Mumbai Literary Festival: famous authors and notables drawn from India’s Raj class. They step deftly over a woman lying across the . . . → Read More: Not so shiny India

No Pakistanis allowed, in heart of Islamabad

Fine French dining in the heart of Pakistan? Sounds great — that is unless you’re Pakistani and you’re not allowed.

Say, what?

That’s right, restaurant owner Philippe Lafforgue, opened the 20-seat “La Maison” last October with the controversial policy.

. . . → Read More: No Pakistanis allowed, in heart of Islamabad

Social Change in Pakistan just around the corner

By Charles Leadbeater

The country’s adaptability and resilience can hold it together, writes Charles Leadbeater

Pity the people of Pakistan, trapped between self-serving, complacent elites who preside over a crumbling state, and a rich array of violent extremists who seem determined to tear the same state apart. The extremists promote crisis and the state depends . . . → Read More: Social Change in Pakistan just around the corner

India’s biggest threat

A cabal of self-confessed Hindu nationalists, as distinct from Indian nationalists, consistently lauds Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel because it finds in him a soulmate. He is not praised by himself; significantly, he is always pitted against Nehru. By A.G. NOORANI 

“The communalism of a majority is apt to be taken for nationalism.”

- Jawaharlal Nehru on January . . . → Read More: India’s biggest threat

Angola bans Islam


International media reports that Angola has banned Islam have caught the headlines, but it is not what it seems. It highlights once again poor communication and clumsy policy by the Angolan authorities, and how ill thought through policies are distorted by Angolan social media, the opposition and the international press.

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A Pakistani religious scholar’s view on Taliban

By Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

Polytheism, disbelief and apostasy are indeed grave crimes; however, no human can punish another human being for these crimes. This is the right of God alone 

. . . → Read More: A Pakistani religious scholar’s view on Taliban

When all hell breaks loose

Are you in Pakistan? Look around… what do you see? If you are in a city like Lahore and if you are in a posh area of Lahore you will probably see designer outlets, restaurants that offer every cuisine you can imagine, super expensive cars on the roads, people wearing the exorbitantly expensive brands whether . . . → Read More: When all hell breaks loose