Government’s failure to control religious seminaries

After the adoption of a National Action Plan and a constitutional amendment to tackle terrorism through military courts, the clerics in Pakistan are worried. Records show many terrorists with a madrasa background, some used also by a state that has lost several essential attributes of normality.

The Nawaz Sharif government says madrasas are sacrosanct and . . . → Read More: Government’s failure to control religious seminaries

Democracy – No one-size-fits-all

By Yasir Masood Khan

Democracy is the complex web of connections between individual politicians, political parties, the electorate, civil society, media and state institutions that is formed through the electoral process.

The roots of Indian democracy have been strengthened due to the establishment and consolidation of the Indian Election Commission through parliament and . . . → Read More: Democracy – No one-size-fits-all

More plans to come

The fearless leader of the PTI, Mr Cornered Tiger himself, recently announced a “Plan C” for the removal of Mian Nawaz Sharif. As originally presented, the plan was to “shut Pakistan down” through strikes and demonstrations. Subsequently, the plan has been downgraded a bit.

You see, in order to ‘shut down’ a country, it must . . . → Read More: More plans to come

24th Nov 2014 – Foreign Policy updates

U.S. President Barack Obama accepted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s invitation on Friday to be the guest of honor at India’s 66th Republic Day Parade on January 26, 2015 in New Delhi (WSJ,Reuters, NDTV). Modi — @narendramodi — tweeted: “This Republic Day, we hope to have a friend over… invited President Obama to be the . . . → Read More: 24th Nov 2014 – Foreign Policy updates

Why does Nawaz Sharif want his own car at the SAARC summit

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has rejected the use of a bulletproof car provided by rival India for next week’s summit of South Asian leaders in Kathmandu, a Nepalese official said Monday.

Sharif “will be bringing his own car… all other vehicles for (visiting) heads of countries have come from India”, said foreign ministry spokesman . . . → Read More: Why does Nawaz Sharif want his own car at the SAARC summit

PTI’s above the law thinking

WHY does the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) wish to garnish its credentials as a party that isn’t bound by the law and its procedures? Whether it’s Imran Khan’s resolve to oust Nawaz Sharif in a manner not contemplated by the letter or spirit of our Constitution or his call for civil disobedience (encouraging people to refuse . . . → Read More: PTI’s above the law thinking

Politics after the world wide web

The author has often wondered like most Pakistanis if our leadership is in fact that or the mockery of one. This of course, is not without reason and comes days after the price of petroleum has been slashed by Rs 9.43. While it is amusing to watch the government and the PTI to engage in . . . → Read More: Politics after the world wide web

Raheel Sharif – A leader with a clear vision

Aboard a private bus heading to the funeral of a Pakistani army instructor, Raheel Sharif fumed as a small television set showed provocative dancers. Finally he took matters into his own hands.

“He stood, smashed the screen with some object and shouted ‘Don’t you guys have any decency? Families are sitting here and you screened . . . → Read More: Raheel Sharif – A leader with a clear vision

How best to destroy Pakistan

This is not easily done. To even begin serious work on this project you first have to be a Prime Minister with a solid mandate. Then you need to have the covert support of a world power that is vested in this design. And lastly you have to be a very dedicated, hardworking individual, not . . . → Read More: How best to destroy Pakistan

The Severely Retarded

By Aik Awaz – One Voice

A columnist known for her humor coined the epithet ‘Im the Dim’ for the Kaptaan’ who is currently swaying the masses with his oratory and regaling them with personal anecdotes and revelations about those in the government or those opposing him and his revolutionary ideas for a ‘new Pakistan’. . . . → Read More: The Severely Retarded