Stand Up for the Real Champions

The fixation we have with comparing ourselves to Incredible India has been served. In news that comes partly as surprise and partly as reconfirmation of extreme-case apprehensions that have found resonance in recent years, total funds amounting to 1,441 million Swiss francs belonging to Pakistani individuals and entities are lying in Swiss banks.

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Propaganda: the (blatant) Indian way

Indian media can be called many things – free, vibrant, opinionated – but if there is one thing it cannot be called is subtle. The Indian media has had a long history of bias, Pakistan-bashing and a general lack of uniformity on national issues.

When the gang rape story broke in December, there was an . . . → Read More: Propaganda: the (blatant) Indian way

Traveling Lahore in Style

By Ajai Shukla and Sonia Trikha Shukla

Some cities, just a fortunate few, remain coloured by their history, visibly enriched by reminders of centuries gone by. Residents of Delhi like us routinely walk past 500-year old monuments with scarcely a thought for the shared past that they evoke. But on a visit to Lahore, . . . → Read More: Traveling Lahore in Style

Nawaz lauds decision to resume cricket ties with India

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief on Monday welcomed the resumption of cricket ties between Pakistan and India, saying the move would help normalise relations between the two neighbours.

Talking to Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Sharat Sabharwal in Murree, Nawaz Sharif described the upcoming cricket series between the two countries as a ‘positive and . . . → Read More: Nawaz lauds decision to resume cricket ties with India

Indo-Pak Primate Affairs

Pakistan and India could be in for monkey diplomacy after an unsuspecting primate strayed across the border into Pakistan to be snapped up by soldiers and packed off to a zoo.

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Pakistanis should be pardoned if they are seeing too much in recent events. The dots they are connecting to make a picture are far too big to ignore and it would be moronic to consider them as coincidences. There was Admiral Mullen’s extraordinary statement blaming the government of Pakistan for the killing of journalist Saleem . . . → Read More: PICTURE PERFECT

Released Indian and Pakistani prisoners describe trauma

Many of those released by India are reported to be in a poor physical and mental condition

As tensions appear to ease between India and Pakistan following a series of diplomatic “goodwill gestures” during the cricket World Cup, both countries have authorised a series of prisoner releases. So what were conditions like for . . . → Read More: Released Indian and Pakistani prisoners describe trauma