By Ghalib Sultan

‘Siapa’ is a wonderfully expressive Punjabi word almost impossible to accurately translate into English. It means a development or situation full of interconnected problems, difficulties, contradictions and intrigues — not easy to resolve and not easy to live with. Why should the elections that catapulted the Sharifs to power be . . . → Read More: THE SHARIF ‘SIAPA’

Moving forward

Last week, I compared the 2013 elections with the 1970 elections, in terms of expected turnout and significance, and the comparison had held fast. The turnout on May 11 was over 60 per cent, nearly the same as in 1970, and the eagerness, excitement and hope people voted with exemplified the importance of this election . . . → Read More: Moving forward

Re-polling for NA-250 to be taken place soon

Elections will be held within 10 days at NA-38 Kurram Agency where polls got cancelled, and re-election at 43 polling stations of the NA-250 Karachi will take place within 10 days, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Secretary Ishtiaq Ahmed said on Sunday.

He congratulated the nation on completing the first step of conducting free and . . . → Read More: Re-polling for NA-250 to be taken place soon

The PTI fan’s burden

By Zoon Ahmad Khan

As we are one week away from the most decisive election for the country it is obvious that more than just the masses have caught the election fever. Political parties, big and small are no short of throwing daggers at one another, in their desperation to secure a bigger share of . . . → Read More: The PTI fan’s burden

Axing the expat vote

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP ) had its work cut out when it took over to arrange the country’s most anticipated general elections and ensure a smooth transition of democratic power. While it has a well-respected qualified team, ECP has struggled to fulfill its duties fueling skepticism over its capability to handle its tasks. . . . → Read More: Axing the expat vote