Indian army lacks capability to fight

India has more of tanks, guns, aircraft and ships than Pakistan. But more assets don’t always translate into victory. Pakistan, at the strategic level, scores heavily over India in terms of war control, command and coordination

Given the acrimonious relations between India and Pakistan, and the regular accusations and counter-accusations by both sides, foreign analysts . . . → Read More: Indian army lacks capability to fight

How Afghanistan’s internal situation has an impact on Pakistan

General. Afghanistan is a landlocked country and dependent upon Pakistan for its exports/imports, but has traditionally remained friendly to India and unsympathetic to Pakistan since 1947. The only time it was friendly with Pakistan and unfriendly with India was during the five-year rule of Taliban from 1996 till 2001. Afghanistan under Hamid Karzai was worst . . . → Read More: How Afghanistan’s internal situation has an impact on Pakistan

India’s volte face

‘Ah that deceit should steal such gentle shape, and with a virtuous visor hide deep vice.’ This oft mentioned quote rather succinctly, and eloquently, characterizes India’s foreign policy towards Pakistan; for either it is based on deceit or it is something so baffling for mortal and sane minds that understanding it is something . . . → Read More: India’s volte face

Tiny and insignificant enemies of peace!

By Ghalib Sultan

August the month in which India and Pakistan threw off the colonial yoke and became independent states inevitably leads to a remembrance of the bitter legacy of a botched and bloody partition and the state of relations between the two neighbors with their history of hostility and protracted . . . → Read More: Tiny and insignificant enemies of peace!

HONY’s last words on Pakistan

Imagine that every time you have a lapse in judgment, it gets printed in newspapers around the world: every time you lose patience with your children, every time you scream at someone in traffic, every time you drink too much and do something you regret. Each time you . . . → Read More: HONY’s last words on Pakistan

Ravaged Dignities

August 14th is celebrated as the independence day of Pakistan. This year, as Pakistan turns sixty-eight, there is more to mourn than to celebrate. 280 of its innocent souls carrying the burden of its future were raped, molested and sodomized by a gang of 15 beasts. This is not a new chapter in . . . → Read More: Ravaged Dignities

The Impediments to Taxation Reforms

By Moaz Masood

There is hardly an issue that spares the people of Pakistan. Recently, this has been done by the application of the Withholding tax (WHT) on bank transactions for non-filers of tax. The traders have unanimously rejected the provision of the WHT because it has implications on the bank . . . → Read More: The Impediments to Taxation Reforms

Rejuvenation through Education


“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” These are the words of Malala Yousafzai that echoed in the Harvard University. She has totally stunned the world with her endeavors to manifest education universally. This ship that harbors education is still in the docks. However, it is too early to . . . → Read More: Rejuvenation through Education

Hamid Karzai a threat to Afghanistan’s stability

(By Sune Engel Rasmussen) The former Afghan president has cast himself as a unifier of the country, but his manoeuvring against his successor, Ashraf Ghani, suggests otherwise.

A stone’s throw from the presidential palace in Kabul, you can see the lines of dignitaries awaiting their appointments from early in the morning: tribal leaders and elders . . . → Read More: Hamid Karzai a threat to Afghanistan’s stability

Modi: Indians angry and disappointed with China

The Big Story: The Great Game

On the sidelines of the BRICS summit in Russia, Prime Minister Narendra Modi got a chance to raise India’s unhappiness with Beijing over a specific bit of international maneuvering. According to several External Affairs Ministry reporters, Modi told Chinese President Xi Jinping that India was disappointed, that the Indian . . . → Read More: Modi: Indians angry and disappointed with China