Politics after the world wide web

The author has often wondered like most Pakistanis if our leadership is in fact that or the mockery of one. This of course, is not without reason and comes days after the price of petroleum has been slashed by Rs 9.43. While it is amusing to watch the government and the PTI to engage in . . . → Read More: Politics after the world wide web

Corruption becoming a system

SOME argue that corruption, seen as ‘speed money’, ‘price of information’, or ‘kickbacks’, is not a big issue in any economy/ society. It is seen as the ‘grease’ that makes a system work. What is not taken into account in such narratives are the broader issues invoked when those who have been entrusted with a . . . → Read More: Corruption becoming a system

Revising the curriculum

THE latest flurry of efforts to make changes in the curricula for the various categories of students offers little hope for the emergence of a rational outlook on the subject.

Last week, the prime minister discovered the need for including lessons on democracy, constitutionalism and accountability mechanisms in textbooks for primary to the highest classes. . . . → Read More: Revising the curriculum

The show must go on!

I am sad that a suicide bomber decided to massacre innocent women, children and men at Wagah Border near Lahore, Pakistan who were there to witness the daily flag hoisting ceremony. I am happy that  people of Lahore were there again the very next day to show solidarity with our armed forces . . . → Read More: The show must go on!

Pakistan needs to redesign its budgeting process

(By Marc-André Franche) The budget is one of the most powerful fiscal instruments at the disposal of incumbent governments to implement their political commitments and development agenda. Unfortunately, the debate, when it happens, is overly focused on allocations and expenditures, and rarely on the critical issues of transparency and accountability of the budget-making process. Only . . . → Read More: Pakistan needs to redesign its budgeting process

Pakistan – 360° love


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The world’s funniest man could be a Pakistani

Welcome to the voting page for the semi-finals round of the Funniest Person in the World, streamed live from the World Famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood! Voting will start at 8pm (U.S. Pacific time) On October 20th and will continue until 4pm on October 21st.

Thank you to the thousands and thousands around the world . . . → Read More: The world’s funniest man could be a Pakistani

A different ‘homeland’

(By Bina Shah) When I heard that the fourth season of Showtime’s “Homeland” would be set in Pakistan and Afghanistan, I awaited its season premiere with anticipation and trepidation. A major American television show would be portraying events set in my country, but I knew those events would be linked to . . . → Read More: A different ‘homeland’

Balochistan issue is real and urgent

(By Sajjad Shaukat) When during the Musharraf regime, Pakistan government initiated the construction of Gwadar deep-seaport in Balochistan province in March 2002 with Chinese assistance, sirens went off in the capitals of foreign countries, especially the United States, India and Israel. The US took it as a threat to its global plans, and India felt . . . → Read More: Balochistan issue is real and urgent

Making sense of Pakistan – India LoC

*The figures quoted above have been collected from local and international newspapers. The number of ceasefire violations may vary across sources.

Why is this time different?

The resumption of hostilities has displaced an estimated 30,000 villagers, who have fled their border homes in anticipation of further violence. This year 42 . . . → Read More: Making sense of Pakistan – India LoC