The world’s funniest man could be a Pakistani

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A different ‘homeland’

(By Bina Shah) When I heard that the fourth season of Showtime’s “Homeland” would be set in Pakistan and Afghanistan, I awaited its season premiere with anticipation and trepidation. A major American television show would be portraying events set in my country, but I knew those events would be linked to . . . → Read More: A different ‘homeland’

Balochistan issue is real and urgent

(By Sajjad Shaukat) When during the Musharraf regime, Pakistan government initiated the construction of Gwadar deep-seaport in Balochistan province in March 2002 with Chinese assistance, sirens went off in the capitals of foreign countries, especially the United States, India and Israel. The US took it as a threat to its global plans, and India felt . . . → Read More: Balochistan issue is real and urgent

Making sense of Pakistan – India LoC

*The figures quoted above have been collected from local and international newspapers. The number of ceasefire violations may vary across sources.

Why is this time different?

The resumption of hostilities has displaced an estimated 30,000 villagers, who have fled their border homes in anticipation of further violence. This year 42 . . . → Read More: Making sense of Pakistan – India LoC

The wrong targets

Governments and militaries in India and Pakistan have the legitimate rights to adopt the strategy and tactics that they deem appropriate on Line of Control/International Border in Jammu and Kashmir. Actions taken could be for inter se dominance – physical or moral, benefits of internal politicking either institutional between Army and Sharif Government in Pakistan . . . → Read More: The wrong targets



One perhaps unintended spin-off of the dharnas episode has been the interest in the use of containers. There was the repulsive use of containers as obstacles to movement and as barricades against onslaughts by crazed mobs. This may catch on with government agencies and political parties but holds no attraction for the public at . . . → Read More: CONTAINER LIVING

Pakistan’s Asian Games progress report

Pakistan’s silver medal hope in boxing event was shattered Thursday when top pugilist M Waseem was contended with a bronze medal after he was outclassed by Shakhobidin Zoirov of Uzbekistan in the flyweight division bout final of 17th Asian Games Boxing Tournament.

Uzbek boxer stamped his authority by demonstrating far superior technique and punching power . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s Asian Games progress report

Our national malaise of not looking within

Know a Pakistani’s worst nightmare? A Jew, an Indian and an American walk into a bar…

The Indian sings Vande Matram and calls it the Pakistani Anthem. They chortle.

The American unfurls a completely white flag – green being the representation of Muslims – and labels it Pakistani. They laugh.

The Jew opens a world . . . → Read More: Our national malaise of not looking within

How best to destroy Pakistan

This is not easily done. To even begin serious work on this project you first have to be a Prime Minister with a solid mandate. Then you need to have the covert support of a world power that is vested in this design. And lastly you have to be a very dedicated, hardworking individual, not . . . → Read More: How best to destroy Pakistan

Iran’s freedom deficit

‘It might seem crazy what I’m about to say;’ dancing with joy is a crime in Iran.

Seven Iranian students have recently received a suspended sentence of up to 12 months and 91 lashes each.

Their crime: they recorded a video singing Pharrell Williams’ song, Happy.

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