Slipping down slippery tongue slips

Pakistan might lack a million sensible things but the one thing it has never run out of is political drama. As a nation we sure love our dramas – whether they be Turkish or home-grown, the murkier the better.

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Sharif’s holy voyage

You’re not sorry to go, of course—the head of a state, by virtue of his work and the kind of commitment it requires, seldom finds the time to make a holy voyage. Much of what the opposition calls constructive and legitimate criticism has its roots in jealous resentment. It has been over a year since . . . → Read More: Sharif’s holy voyage

The impracticalities of an “Islamic Army” in Gaza

With Gaza entering its second week of the Israeli operation “Protective Edge”- the third of its kind in three years- worldwide protests in support of the Gazans have erupted calling for Israel to halt the operation immediately. Netanyahu in his increasingly childish ways, adamant on the stance that Israel has the right to defend herself, . . . → Read More: The impracticalities of an “Islamic Army” in Gaza

Mr. Prime Minister, Are You Listening?

A little after a year in office, the government seems to have run out of ideas and will power—the latter being more disappointing and dangerous for a country that is struggling to stay afloat. An unfortunate policy paralysis has allowed our problems to grow in magnitude to serve as existential threats. Pakistanis, this time around . . . → Read More: Mr. Prime Minister, Are You Listening?

Pakistan Armed Forces Promise with Nation

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Post by Pakistan Army Official.

For Pakistan

A great folly

After taking credit for successfully eradicating the circular debt problem, the government’s incompetency in having taken steps to chalk out and implement long-term solutions for lasting impact has become obvious. The amount now stands at Rs. 360 billion today even by humble estimates—with the addition of Rs. 1 billion per day it will not be . . . → Read More: A great folly

Amazing ten facts about Pakistan


You may have heard about Pakistan in relation to Brazuca – the official football that was made here for FIFA World Cup 2014. Or you may have heard some unfortunate news about this country on media channels.  Today we have gathered 10 facts about Pakistan which you do not see every . . . → Read More: Amazing ten facts about Pakistan

Keeping Pakistani youth from being radicalized

One of the world’s youngest countries, with more than half of its population below 25 years of age, and the world’s 9th largest English speaking nation, has a growing middle class and steadily rising domestic demand.

That’s Pakistan for you – one of Asia’s most strategically located nations, a gateway to northern India, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, . . . → Read More: Keeping Pakistani youth from being radicalized

Now it’s Pakistan’s war

By Fatima Rizvi

In todays interconnected world no country is alone because the media makes sure that everything is splashed across in headlines and breaking news breaks. One just has to take the time to survey the world. Right now the Somali terrorist group Al Shabab is carrying out bombings in Somalia and Kenya. Sudan is facing . . . → Read More: Now it’s Pakistan’s war

Leadership in the Sky with Diamonds

Blinded by hubris and fear of an ungraceful ouster, the leadership has been taking decisions that will make its downfall certain. Its stated ignorance during the Model Town incident is unfortunate if not laughable. That a man such as Qadri is able to make Pakistan’s favorite political party feel the heat is very telling of . . . → Read More: Leadership in the Sky with Diamonds