How best to destroy Pakistan

This is not easily done. To even begin serious work on this project you first have to be a Prime Minister with a solid mandate. Then you need to have the covert support of a world power that is vested in this design. And lastly you have to be a very dedicated, hardworking individual, not . . . → Read More: How best to destroy Pakistan

Iran’s freedom deficit

‘It might seem crazy what I’m about to say;’ dancing with joy is a crime in Iran.

Seven Iranian students have recently received a suspended sentence of up to 12 months and 91 lashes each.

Their crime: they recorded a video singing Pharrell Williams’ song, Happy.

The video came to the attention of Iranian authorities . . . → Read More: Iran’s freedom deficit

Rapprochement finally takes root in Afghanistan’s election crisis

Afghan presidential candidates Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani finalized a power-sharing agreement on Saturday, ending months of tension in the country, and officially signed the pact on Sunday in a ceremony with President Hamid Karzai at the Presidential Palace in Kabul (BBC, Guardian, NYT, Pajhwok, RFE/RL, TOLO News, WSJ). According to reports, teams for both . . . → Read More: Rapprochement finally takes root in Afghanistan’s election crisis

Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan and more

(By Dr. TT Sreekumar) Jinnah’s image as an adamant fighter for a separate Muslim Homeland and hence as someone responsible for the division of India is often reinforced by Pakistan’s own constructions of his persona as father of the nation. An unkind fashioning of his politics as inherently sectarian obliterates the nuances of the strategic political . . . → Read More: Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan and more

Floods claim hundreds of lives in Pakistan and India

Army and air force troops worked to rescue thousands of people stranded in Indian-controlled Kashmir and northern and eastern Pakistan, where flooding and landslides have caused more than 320 deaths.

Six days of rains in Indian Kashmir have left more than 120 people dead in the region’s worst flooding in more . . . → Read More: Floods claim hundreds of lives in Pakistan and India

Wiki Loves Monuments… This time Pakistan is in too!

Wiki Loves Monuments Pakistan is an online photography competition about cultural heritage sites in Pakistan. It is a part of the international annual photographic competition Wiki Loves Monuments, which is officially the biggest photography competition in the world according to the Guinness World Records and organised worldwide by Wikipedia volunteer editors.

The aim of Wiki . . . → Read More: Wiki Loves Monuments… This time Pakistan is in too!

Increasing number of Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Despite the continuing process of voluntary repatriation of Afghans, the number of registered refugees in Pakistan is growing steadily as approximately 50,000 children are born to refugee families every year.

The UN refugee agency said that the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) would register some 150,000 children born to the registered parents in past . . . → Read More: Increasing number of Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Cry not for Gaza but yourself

By Humayun Gauhar

Callous, brutalised, dehumanised. This is what Muslim rulers have become. Muslims tooare culpable for electing and tolerating such rulers. “Choose the best amongst you”forsooth, we have declared war on God by choosing the worst amongst us. This, myfriends, is abdication of intellect, arrest of free will. Still wonder why fire and brimstone areraining down upon Muslims?

Any wonder then that only self-serving pathetic squeaks have come from a few of thegovernments of the 57 Muslim majority states over the latest ongoing genocide ofPalestinians by Israel in Gaza? While Pakistan tries to fool God by hypocritically callingitself an Islamic state it can only make a symbolic statement for the Palestinians, declare aday of mourning and lower its flag to half-mast. Yet it can send detachments of its armyand air force (for a price, of course) to protect fat, doddering Arab potentates from their ownpeople’s coming wrath. And we are expected to believe that impotence has become potent.Yet when a political party protests peacefully against Israel, Pakistani police thrashes andarrests its people. Are they trying to beat Israel at its own game? Shame andshamelessness born of fright over losing the legless throne.

. . . → Read More: Cry not for Gaza but yourself

USA – Can’t stay out of other country’s affairs

Ukraine. Gaza. Syria. Yemen. Pakistan. If it feels like the United States is always at war somewhere, that’s because it is. Not just Iraq and Afghanistan – the two wars we all know about. And, granted, we’re not only talking boots on the ground. It’s our money, our weapons and – more often in recent . . . → Read More: USA – Can’t stay out of other country’s affairs

Breaking the vicious cycle

Concerns regarding the kind of expenditure that Eid demands start as soon as Ramadan begins. For daily wage workers and households that are able to save little, Eid is more so dreaded. With little opportunity to find employment during the three days that Eid stretches for most households struggle with putting food on the table. . . . → Read More: Breaking the vicious cycle