Immy K revolutionaries and the future of ‘burger’ activism


By Aima Khosa

Before we start some of the core arguments of this piece, I must give a little background of myself. I am, what the general Pakistani public calls, ‘a burger’. I don’t want to be, of course. I don’t like the association. I brag of my Baloch descent and try to squash the . . . → Read More: Immy K revolutionaries and the future of ‘burger’ activism

Give democracy a chance

Caught in the spiral of multiple problems, capped by insurgency and terrorism, disquiet with the elected governments is natural. Nor have high-ranking government leaders done much to satisfy the common people. Rather, their administrative and political conduct has given enough ammunition to opportunity-seeking autocratic groups to present democracy as an unworkable form of government for . . . → Read More: Give democracy a chance