Pakistan’s family planning deficit

Nearly one in every four births is unplanned in Pakistan, while 25 per cent of married women have an unmet need of family planning. This unmet need is reflected in the large number of abortions (890,000 per year) and women hospitalised with complications every year.

Pakistani women are having more children than they actually want, . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s family planning deficit

A tiny silver in the population

By Sanaa Jatoi

I come from a family with no male head of household. After my father’s passing in 2005, it has been my mother, my sisters and me. I have been privileged enough to make my own choices about how to live my life, but I have to admit that living in Pakistan in . . . → Read More: A tiny silver in the population

A mother’s struggle to educate her daughters

A woman in Pakistan exemplifies the hardworking spirit of women around the world ahead of International Women’s Day.

Cycling for Change

By Saba Khalid

During the three months that I spent in Berlin this year, I learnt to envy the typical German woman. She lives in the same universe as me, she walks the same Earth as me, sits across from me at work, yet the rules that she lives by in her country, the opportunities . . . → Read More: Cycling for Change

Breaking Boundaries

For a country that appears frequently in international headlines, most people worldwide have little knowledge about the real Pakistan. Its role in the war on terror is of great interest but few have fully explored what values, beliefs and ambitions of the natives really are. The dominant discourse about Pakistanis is of a traditional, patriarchal, . . . → Read More: Breaking Boundaries

For many Pakistani women, education & marriage are mutually exclusive

ISLAMABAD: For most young Pakistani women from the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder, education and marriage are mutually exclusive. The question in this battle is: which choice dominates? Unfortunately, marriage usually beats education as it seems more economical, at least in the short term. In addition, the tradition of marriages set at birth between . . . → Read More: For many Pakistani women, education & marriage are mutually exclusive