Who funds the media?


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court asked the government on Monday to advise it whether to expunge an assertion, later denied by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra), suggesting that a media house aired foreign-funded programmes.

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The SC shouldn’t censor media through contempt of court charges

Broad Contempt Powers Used to Censor Press.

Pakistan’s judges should cease using their contempt of court powers to prevent the media from airing programming critical of the judiciary, Human Rights Watch said today.

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We are the Movie

News of an obscure movie travelled through dubious lines, with the intention of stirring an already buzzing hornet’s nest, to Middle East. A dance to the tune of the rogue film maker began which reached its crescendo in Pakistan, culminating in one of the most self destructive protests that claimed up to 30 lives and . . . → Read More: We are the Movie


Not realizing that the protesters “protesting” on the streets of Pakistan don’t have access to high speed internet nor the knowledge and expertise to search and view the undesirable content on websites like YouTube, PTCL and PEMRA have started blocking the websites indiscriminately and irresponsibly without regard how it might be affecting the real and genuine . . . → Read More: PTCL / PEMRA BLOCK INTERNET IN PAKISTAN

PEMRA holds meeting to define obscenity in electronic media

A consultative meeting to deliberate upon parameters of “obscenity” for the electronic media was held at the PEMRA Headquarters Islamabad on Monday.

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Is today’s news a modern form of drama?

“Lights, camera and… ACTION!”

No ladies and gentlemen, I will not be discussing the world of films. I would like to instead bring your attention to the world of news where the above phrase is very much used.

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A slippery slope

If a newspaper wanted to cover match-fixing, the last person they would ask to report the story is a Pakistani cricketer. No media organisation with a semblance of sense would expect a person to provide unbiased reporting on his greatest revenue stream. It is called conflict of interest and should govern every facet of journalism, . . . → Read More: A slippery slope