Sheikh Hasina Gone Mad: Ruining Bangladesh’s image as a hub of international sports


The autocratic elected Prime Minister of Bangladesh has decreed that BanglaDeshi citizens will not wave the flag of any nationality except Bangladesh at sports events. This Quixotic gag flag order comes after the largely Bangladeshi crowd was seen waving Pakistan flags at the T20 cricket match when the Pakistani team was . . . → Read More: Sheikh Hasina Gone Mad: Ruining Bangladesh’s image as a hub of international sports

TTP’s latest ruse: “we will not impose Sharia by force”


As expected the Taliban have shown their true colors and intentions. By refusing to free Shahbaz Taseer and Gilani they have tacitly admitted that they kidnap Pakistan citizens or have them kidnapped through their proxies. This implies that they are fully involved in the extortion and armed . . . → Read More: TTP’s latest ruse: “we will not impose Sharia by force”

Peace talks without peace

Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan – Terrorists not “Islamic warriors”… why is the Pakistan Government trying to talk peace with them?

Hurrah! Lets celebrate! Lets sing and dance with joy! Lets all sing in praise of our blessed leaders… for they have found a way to bring peace to our terrorism infected country…. yay! Pakistan is on . . . → Read More: Peace talks without peace


By Azmaish Ka Waqt

In the book, “Magnificent Delusions,” Haqqani says: “My countrymen will someday have to come to terms with global realities. Pakistan cannot become a regional leader in South Asia while it supports terrorism.”

Yes—Mr Haqqani ( not a relation of the Haqqanis fighting US/NATO in Afghanistan) said this. He said it while the . . . → Read More: HOLLOW MEN


By Ghalib Sultan

‘Siapa’ is a wonderfully expressive Punjabi word almost impossible to accurately translate into English. It means a development or situation full of interconnected problems, difficulties, contradictions and intrigues — not easy to resolve and not easy to live with. Why should the elections that catapulted the Sharifs to power be a ‘siapa’?

. . . → Read More: THE SHARIF ‘SIAPA’

The PTI fan’s burden

By Zoon Ahmad Khan

As we are one week away from the most decisive election for the country it is obvious that more than just the masses have caught the election fever. Political parties, big and small are no short of throwing daggers at one another, in their desperation to secure a bigger share of . . . → Read More: The PTI fan’s burden

ZoneAsia-Pk: Tsunami version 2.0

Elections in Pakistan have a terrifying effect. Like a lie detector, it has been known to expose true sentiments, rivalries, morals and ruthless strategies to guarantee victories. It seems to be doing the same with Pakistan’s rising star, PTI. News about disruptive behavior and violence at PTI’s intra party elections has been popping up time . . . → Read More: ZoneAsia-Pk: Tsunami version 2.0

Sehbai on Kayani: Can’t Live… with or without you

It seems Mr Sehbai is not clear in his own mind about the role he wants the Army to play. He blames Gen Kayani for sitting on the sidelines and letting the country slide into the current mess. Yet he blames 10 years of Army rule which incidentally except for first three years of Musharraf . . . → Read More: Sehbai on Kayani: Can’t Live… with or without you

Will Nawaz Sharif be the next Prime Minister?

By Usman Khalid

The Economist of London has predicted on the basis of polls that Mian Nawaz Sharif, Leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N), would be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. I agree with that analysis. Having just returned from a six week long stay in Pakistan, I would like to say, why? The . . . → Read More: Will Nawaz Sharif be the next Prime Minister?

Developing Pakistan democratically or not

It is a popular opinion these days that democracy is the best form of government available to the countries of the world. Perpetuated (and forcibly implemented in some cases) by the west, the system of democracy seems to be the preferred system in the minds of the people of the world; more so after the . . . → Read More: Developing Pakistan democratically or not