When all hell breaks loose

Are you in Pakistan? Look around… what do you see? If you are in a city like Lahore and if you are in a posh area of Lahore you will probably see designer outlets, restaurants that offer every cuisine you can imagine, super expensive cars on the roads, people wearing the exorbitantly expensive brands whether . . . → Read More: When all hell breaks loose

Lyari-beyond stereotypes

By Suhail Yusuf

Gang wars, poverty, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), football and, maybe, boxing are the notions usually associated with Lyari, one of Karachi’s oldest neighbourhoods. There is, however, more to Lyari than these stereotypes.

Historically, the inhabitants of Lyari were among the first settlers Karachi.

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Poverty, deprivation engulf millions of Pakistani children: UN Report

The United Nations has warned that hundreds of millions of children in cities across the world are growing up in poverty and enduring deprivation, cautioning that these situations and needs are often represented by aggregate figures that show urban children to be better off than their rural counterparts, obscuring the disparities that exist among the . . . → Read More: Poverty, deprivation engulf millions of Pakistani children: UN Report

A President of Evasiveness

President Zardari’s come back on television was something to look forward to.

PPP’s inability to resolve the nation’s financial, energy and social issues, the incriminating memo case, NATO’s attack killing Pakistani soldiers, Zardari’s ailing health and absence from the country had made the public quite antsy about hearing from the Head of the State.  But . . . → Read More: A President of Evasiveness

India’s Cry Wolf App?

‘Rape Capital’ Delhi, sprawling metropolis and epicenter of the Government of India, is also victim to elements of endemic sexual violence.  Earlier this year an English local newspaper published statistics under the headline: Shame on Delhi Men. “The dazzling streets of Delhi hide a dark truth,” it said, publishing the results of a poll revealing . . . → Read More: India’s Cry Wolf App?

Prostitution In Pakistan

Clean drinking water at Rs 1.5/ltr in Lahore by Pharmagen

Pharmagen Health is a community water systems company which has set up water purification plants across dense low-income communities around Lahore. It provides safe, clean drinking water to low-income communities through a Reverse Osmosis and UV filtration process.

Pharmagen currently has five water filtration plants; two RO plants with capacities of 3,000 liters per hour . . . → Read More: Clean drinking water at Rs 1.5/ltr in Lahore by Pharmagen

Is there a Pakistan to go back home to?

Last week, my husband and I finally booked our return tickets to Pakistan. It was a proud moment, happy moment, not just because we had been saving to buy them for months, but because we had not been home in nearly two years.

Two years! It seemed like a lifetime. We had missed much: babies, . . . → Read More: Is there a Pakistan to go back home to?

Terror and chaos in Karachi

Even after reconciliation between the ruling PPP and MQM in Karachi over accusations made about target killings, people kept dying at the hands of killer gangs. The toll on January 14 was a shocking 22 dead in 24 hours.

Indications persist that violence continues to emanate from political, religious and ethnic causes. The ruling trio . . . → Read More: Terror and chaos in Karachi

Quaid e Azam – Animated by Express News

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