A great folly

After taking credit for successfully eradicating the circular debt problem, the government’s incompetency in having taken steps to chalk out and implement long-term solutions for lasting impact has become obvious. The amount now stands at Rs. 360 billion today even by humble estimates—with the addition of Rs. 1 billion per day it will not be . . . → Read More: A great folly

Who threatens Pakistan

We are constantly worried about the security of our country. Media (national and international) has made us paranoid. Based on the information fed to us through various sources (and partially based on complete lack of knowledge regarding the issue), we convince ourselves of who are our enemies and who are our friends. We form opinions . . . → Read More: Who threatens Pakistan

Khan: Aiming for Revolutions or Headlines?

Political parties have expressed mixed reaction over Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf’s show on Sunday wherein the PTI managed to attract huge crowd to protest alleged rigging in the May 11, 2013 general election.

A few politicians appreciated Imran for fighting against the rigging and have urged him to take his fight to its logical end.

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Bilawal’s PPP will have to be better than Zardari’s

By Moeed Yusuf

BILAWAL Bhutto’s political career has been launched in earnest courtesy of the Sindh cultural festival. Some seem impressed by his performance. He’s got what it takes to follow his grandfather and mother’s footsteps, they say.

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Political realities behind PPP’s façade

By Feisal Naqvi

Dear Bilawal,

Congratulations on the Sindh Festival. Yes, there were some hiccups. But the fact remains that the PPP, under what appears to be your guidance, took a positive step. Music and art are always important but never more so in these dark days.

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Sindh local governance amendment deemed unconstitutional

The Sindh High Court (SHC) Monday ruled all amendments made to the Local Government Ordinance unconstitutional and has ordered that they be withdrawn, DawnNews reported.

A divisional bench of the SHC, headed by Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, declared the local government act as unconstitutional.

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As the day of sacrifice approaches the numbers of bovine creatures become more and more visible. They await their fate helplessly as religious fervor increases by the day. Looking at these animals one wonders if the vast majority of those who live in this land are any different from them—except, of course, for the obvious . . . → Read More: SHEEPISH SHEEP


By Adam Raj

The strong chant WELL CUM WELL CUM by frail Aitezaz Ahsan at the PPP’s rally to welcome former President Zardari to Lahore set the tone for the proceedings. A supporting drumbeat from the Dhol maestro Papoo Sain would have done wonders but his speech that followed the chant made up for this . . . → Read More: WELL CUM! WELL CUM!

The people of Pakistan demand answers

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja

The new regime has been handed down a huge mess and is at a loss where to start from and which problem to tackle first. All macroeconomic indicators are in negative, national kitty is empty and foreign investment has dried up. It has inherited bankrupt economy, an unmanageable energy crisis, . . . → Read More: The people of Pakistan demand answers

Killing tourists serves what purpose

The newly elected government of Mian Nawaz Sharif has inherited a difficult task, that was visible to everyone and PML-N being the friendly opposition party of ruling junta during last 5 years must have been more in the know of things and should have prepared with a team and plan to revamp the damage made . . . → Read More: Killing tourists serves what purpose