No turning back

The Army and the Government of Pakistan were seen to be on the same page as long as their views converged on the following two points:

a. The war against terrorism was a minor matter which could be resolved through negotiations between the terrorists and the government.

b. The . . . → Read More: No turning back

Local Election results clarify few things

Definite conclusions about the nature and direction of politics in Pakistan can be drawn from the results of the first phase of local elections in Sindh and Punjab that concluded last week. These lessons will determine the fate of the general elections in 2018, particularly for the PPP and PTI that have done badly in . . . → Read More: Local Election results clarify few things

Pakistan’s escape from mediocrity

The local elections – or their first phase in Punjab and Sindh – have confirmed the domination, in their respective spheres, of the two ruling parties. The PPP has triumphed in the districts of interior Sindh, the PML-N and independents in the powerhouse of Punjab. What are independents? They’ll gravitate to where power is. So . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s escape from mediocrity

LG Polls: Punjab, Sindh go to PML-N and PPP

Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) are leading with thumping majority in the first phase of Local Government elections in Punjab and Sindh respectively, according to unofficial results received so far for over 85 percent seats.

The first phase of LG poll contest was held in 12 districts of Punjab and 8 . . . → Read More: LG Polls: Punjab, Sindh go to PML-N and PPP

PM must adopt a more aggressive stance when in USA

Pakistan Peoples Party on Sunday asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to play on the front foot at the important meeting with US President Barrack Obama on October 22. Sharif will leave for the US on Monday (today) and arrive in Washington on Tuesday after a night-long stopover in London. Adviser to PM for National Security . . . → Read More: PM must adopt a more aggressive stance when in USA

The bumpy path of war against terror

(By Asif Haroon Raja) By the time PPP regime took over in March 2008 Fazlullah had created a state within state in Swat and adjoining districts. Former President Zardari and PM Gilani were forced to order a big operation in Swat in April 2009 after Fazlullah broke the peace deal signed two months earlier and . . . → Read More: The bumpy path of war against terror

Who was Benazir Bhutto?

Nearly eight years after the incident still remains a mystery, with trial proceedings that resemble magical realism. Except that it concerns a twice-elected prime minister. Even Benazir’s own party, the PPP, could not prosecute all the accused. It had to ask for an unprecedented UN commission to probe into her assassination. The findings of the . . . → Read More: Who was Benazir Bhutto?

Can PPP be brought back to life?

(By Irfan Ghauri) Beset with charges of corruption and flagrant mismanagement in Sindh, the Pakistan Peoples Party, which had coalition governments at the centre and in three provinces from 2008 to 2013, is in hot water. And many within the PPP believe a change of command could salvage their foundering party.

According to them, a . . . → Read More: Can PPP be brought back to life?

Change is possible but not easy

(By Dr Atta-ur-Rahman) Winds of change are now blowing across the landscape of Pakistan. The corrupt are being caught by the forces led by General Raheel Sharif, Chief of Army Staff, (COAS) and many are trying to escape to safer foreign shores where they have amassed mountains of dollars and pounds.

Karachi is beginning to . . . → Read More: Change is possible but not easy

The Political Muddle

The flexibility in the operations of democracy has engulfed a strain in Pakistan. It hasn’t been long since democratic forces barged in with the right to represent and serve people. However, the political institutions have unfolded resoluteness in doling out the services they guarantee constitutionally. The Zardaris and Altaf Hussain have come out . . . → Read More: The Political Muddle