Analyzing Epilepsy

(By Dr Asif Changazi) The earliest cases of epilepsy originate with in Babylonians about 5th Century BC. They supposed it to be initiated by the presence of demons and the altered types of seizures depended on the nature of demon that infected the individual.

“Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth; in . . . → Read More: Analyzing Epilepsy

Jhelum incident is a test case for NAP

The modus operandi was a distressingly familiar one — an allegation of blasphemy, incitement by local mosques, and a frenzied mob venting its rage on the impugned individuals/community.

However, the government’s response to events in Jhelum last week could well determine whether this country is indeed making a break from a past replete with condemnable . . . → Read More: Jhelum incident is a test case for NAP

Which Islam is USA fighting?

(By Raymond William Baker) The United States is at war with a very different, mythic Islam of its own making that has nothing at all to do with this Islam of the Qur’an. To make sense of that conjured threat, scholarly studies of Islam or Islamic movements are of no help at all. Even the . . . → Read More: Which Islam is USA fighting?

Militant evolution

(BY HUSSAIN NADIM) Accused terrorist Saad Aziz doesn’t fit Pakistan’s terrorist profile; he’s well-educated and from a privileged background. And he might be an indicator of the terrorists to come.

On May 20, Pakistan announced that it had arrested four suspects in connection to the gunning down of 46 minority Ismailis aboard a bus in . . . → Read More: Militant evolution

Serious implications of Sharia law in Brunei

(By Bill Ozanick) The introduction of sharia law may well derail the Sultan’s vision for his country’s future.

Last year, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolikah, made headlines when he announced that he wouldimpose sharia law (in three phases) in his Southeast Asian sultanate. The proclamation drew criticism from countless human rights advocates, who labeled . . . → Read More: Serious implications of Sharia law in Brunei

Hindutva and RSS start forced conversion of Indian minorities

Members of at least 57 Muslim families were converted to Hinduism at a ceremony called ‘Purkhon ki ghar vapsi’, a mass conversion jointly organized by Dharma Jagran Samanvay Vibhag, an offshoot of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), and Bajrang Dal in Agra on Monday.

RSS regional head Rajeshwar Singh said more than 200 Muslims were . . . → Read More: Hindutva and RSS start forced conversion of Indian minorities

Will Pakistan be able to overcome its alcohol denial

(By Murtaza Haider) Consuming pork is sinful and forbidden in Islam. However, Islamic law does not prescribe whipping or incarceration to those who consume pork. The religious doctrine may prohibit certain behaviours and consider them sins. This does not make those acts a crime.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken up the task of . . . → Read More: Will Pakistan be able to overcome its alcohol denial

A different ‘homeland’

(By Bina Shah) When I heard that the fourth season of Showtime’s “Homeland” would be set in Pakistan and Afghanistan, I awaited its season premiere with anticipation and trepidation. A major American television show would be portraying events set in my country, but I knew those events would be linked . . . → Read More: A different ‘homeland’

Is Maldives in trouble?

Government employee, Adam Ghafoor*, was attacked on Sunday in a Malé cafe by a group of eight men accusing him and his friends of homosexuality and atheism.

‘You homosexual atheists are destroying our country – we will not stand back and watch you do it,’ Adam reported the group as saying.

After . . . → Read More: Is Maldives in trouble?

Islam: No punishment for blasphemy

By Hassan Naqvi

Blasphemy law has been hovering the free soul spirits now and again, drifting back into the formation of this law, heads droop down on finding its non-existent implementation in Quran and Sunnah. Who took up the charge and declared the implementation of such sensitized issue? Where their root does belongs from? And . . . → Read More: Islam: No punishment for blasphemy