Rapists set free

A series of events in the past few weeks have again highlighted the injustices being committed against women in the name of Islam in Pakistan. Recently, the three accused of raping an 18-year old woman at Jinnah’s Mausoleum were set free by a court in Karachi. The court refused to entertain the DNA evidence, which . . . → Read More: Rapists set free

How must a rapist be punished?

The power of protests has borne some result in India whose cabinet last week approved stricter punishments for rapists, including the death penalty should a rape victim die, following the death of a gang-rape victim in New Delhi. If approved by President Pranab Mukherjee (and then parliament within six months), the law will see the . . . → Read More: How must a rapist be punished?

The Amazing Indian Army

Though western media have a soft corner for India, as they consider it a largest democracy of the world and a secular state, reports abound that India’s security forces use torture and rape as a weapon to punish, intimidate, humiliate and degrade the victims in Kashmir and elsewhere in India. The pattern of Army’s misconduct . . . → Read More: The Amazing Indian Army

Delhi Police to file charges against accused today

The Delhi Police are likely to file the chargesheet in the gang-rape-cum-murder case of a 23-year- old girl in court here on Thursday and will seek death penalty for the accused during the trial.

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Bring an end to rape in Delhi

Around 11 at night, approximately 24 hours after a 23-year-old student was beaten with an iron rod and raped by a group of six men in a moving bus and thrown off with no clothes, a man calls a radio station to explain why more men are turning against the women in the city.

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Women: The custodians of culture?

by Purba Ray

It was my first bus ride to college. Just as I entered the DTC bus, I noticed over fifty pairs of eyes (all male) staring intently at my legs. Perplexed, I looked down wondering whether I had scribbled some unsolved equations on my legs.

I learned my lesson on dressing appropriately the . . . → Read More: Women: The custodians of culture?

Israel’s 59 Year Old Arrested for Having 30 Wives

Goel Ratzon’s Facebook profile shows the bespectacled Israeli with shoulder-length white hair and neatly trimmed beard and says he is currently dating and has 36 friends.

His real status is somewhat more complicated. When Israeli police raided the self-styled healer’s four homes in Tel Aviv in Jan 2010 they found two legal ex-wives, plus another . . . → Read More: Israel’s 59 Year Old Arrested for Having 30 Wives

The big bra brouhaha

Working in the online news world helps you develop a certain knack for determining viral stories. Words like sex, death, rape, religion and blast call out to you from the screen.

So, when a headline like “Padded Bras are Devil’s Cushions says Council of Islamic Ideology” pops up in the wires I can understand why . . . → Read More: The big bra brouhaha

In a rape victim’s shoes

Put yourself in the shoes of an adolescent girl who has been brutally raped. You may be devastated, confused and angry and expect that your family and community will stand by you, protect you and advocate for your rights. You have a right to expect that your country’s legal system will provide swift justice for . . . → Read More: In a rape victim’s shoes

Intolerance towards our minorities

NADRA’s decision to add a third option under the gender category of CNICs and even hire some transgender data operators is a noteworthy move. However, there is still a long way to go before Pakistan can make any claims to have achieved a basic level of tolerance. Making our country more tolerant will require multidimensional . . . → Read More: Intolerance towards our minorities