The bumpy path of war against terror

(By Asif Haroon Raja) By the time PPP regime took over in March 2008 Fazlullah had created a state within state in Swat and adjoining districts. Former President Zardari and PM Gilani were forced to order a big operation in Swat in April 2009 after Fazlullah broke the peace deal signed two months earlier and . . . → Read More: The bumpy path of war against terror

Pakistan’s major political party exposed as anti-state

Officials in Pakistan’s MQM party have told the UK authorities they received Indian government funds, the BBC learnt from an authoritative Pakistani source.

UK authorities investigating the MQM for alleged money laundering also found a list of weapons in an MQM property.

A Pakistani official has told the BBC that India has trained hundreds . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s major political party exposed as anti-state

Where’s the logic Ms Christine Fair

By now Ms Christine Fair has more or less branded herself as India’s champion. Whether this is out of a new love for India and Indians or some other more pragmatic reason is something to wonder about but her agenda is clear. Promote India and twist logic to prove its lily white innocence, . . . → Read More: Where’s the logic Ms Christine Fair

Modi’s govt seriously damaging “Incredible India”

(By Aftab Hussain) Recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was on a two days visit to Bangladesh and one of his statement there he said that “every now and then Pakistan keeps disturbing India, creates nuisance, promotes terrorism and such incidents keep recurring.” This came in the midst of when Islamabad was planning to handover . . . → Read More: Modi’s govt seriously damaging “Incredible India”

RAW activities in Pakistan

In an article titled ‘Why Does Pakistan Accuse Indian Spies of Terrorism’ Mr Michael Kugelman of the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington DC comes out strongly in support of India’s intelligence agency RAW and blames Pakistan’s military for the whole business of blaming a fresh smelling rose like RAW for foul and rotten . . . → Read More: RAW activities in Pakistan

Pak – India conflict reduction should be the new mantra

(By Talat Masood) The recent statement made by Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar that India would engage in terrorism to counter terrorism emanating from other countries is really shocking. This further raises the level of hostile rhetoric against Pakistan and provides an official cover to the support which the Indian government is presently providing to . . . → Read More: Pak – India conflict reduction should be the new mantra

Karachi Bus Massacre

Six men armed with 9mm pistols dressed in police or security guard uniforms riding three motorcycles stopped a bus loaded with men and women of the Ismaili community in broad daylight on a busy Karachi street. They boarded the bus and killed 43 at close range and in cold blood. The Chief Minister . . . → Read More: Karachi Bus Massacre

Why is India trying to become an aggressor

(By Ali Raza) India’s new leadership is continuously posing threats to the security of Pakistan. Modi’s engineering to convert existing posture into new offensive posture which no doubt has the capacity to bring instability in the whole region. By adoption of this posture Modi is trying to get hegemonic status for India in the region . . . → Read More: Why is India trying to become an aggressor

ISI – India’s worst nightmare

By Vinod Sharma

One has got to admire Pakistan. Is there any other example in history where a small nation has simultaneously taken on two much bigger countries, one a super power and the other deluding itself into believing that it is going to become one along its present trajectory, for such a . . . → Read More: ISI – India’s worst nightmare


Who are the ‘American Friends of Baluchistan’? This is supposedly the name of a Washington DC based NGO (or at least that is what it calls itself). Whatever it is, it is certainly not what its name implies. All those associated with it or those sponsoring them are no friends of Baluchistan or Pakistan. These . . . → Read More: NA MALOOM AFRAAD (UNKNOWN PEOPLE)