The show must go on!

I am sad that a suicide bomber decided to massacre innocent women, children and men at Wagah Border near Lahore, Pakistan who were there to witness the daily flag hoisting ceremony. I am happy that people of Lahore were there again the very next day to show solidarity with our armed forces . . . → Read More: The show must go on!

FP Analysis: Destination Nowhere

By Enum Naseer

The atmosphere is heavy with the smell of rotting corpses, rust and petrol. A beat-up old Rolls Royce, almost on the verge of collapse with a small Union Jack flag on its bonnet, carries the burden of conjoined twins that insist on being driven to the Promised Land creaking and moaning under . . . → Read More: FP Analysis: Destination Nowhere

Shehrbano Saiyid leads mountaineering expedition through the Shimshal range

Much of the news that comes out of Pakistan is about dictators, drones and destruction, but 31-year-old Shehrbano Saiyid is one of the few Pakistanis who is trying to change the narrative of this beleaguered nation. She recently became the first Pakistani to lead an all-female mountaineering expedition through the Shimshal range in the Northern . . . → Read More: Shehrbano Saiyid leads mountaineering expedition through the Shimshal range

Rimsha Masih in prison for her own safety

Pakistani police blocked a bail request for the minor who reportedly suffers from Down’s syndrome, claiming her release would endanger her life and that of her family. The girl is accused of blasphemy for allegedly burning a Koran.

. . . → Read More: Rimsha Masih in prison for her own safety

Disputed design of religion

ISLAMABAD — Last week, a group of police officers in the eastern city of Lahore visited a mosque run by Ahmadis, a minority Muslim sect viewed by the rest of the country as heretics. They took a look around and announced their conclusion: This mosque looks too much like a mosque.

So, two laborers . . . → Read More: Disputed design of religion

Headless Chicken Syndrome

A mob is only as smart as its dimmest member. If the political discourse is anything to go by,our society is under attack from “outsiders”hell-bent on “undermining Islam” who we now must destroy. The destructive nature of mob mentality manifests itself every now and then in this country,be it under the banner of religion or . . . → Read More: Headless Chicken Syndrome

Changes we should expect in the next 25 years

1 Geopolitics: ‘Rivals will take greater risks against the US’

No balance of power lasts forever. Just a century ago, London was the centre of the world. Britain bestrode the world like a colossus and only those with strong nerves (or weak judgment) dared challenge the Pax Britannica.

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The difference between secularism and secularisation

To build a universal definition of secularism, we must first understand its complex historical relationship with secularisation

The question: What is secularism?

What is the relationship between secularism, the state policy; and secularisation, the social process? Most conversations tend to confuse the two, moving from one to the other. However, we don’t really have . . . → Read More: The difference between secularism and secularisation

Bribery – Culture of India

This little piece is interesting. It strives to explain why Indians are susceptible to bribery. One of the explanations it espouses is that bribery lies in the transactional nature of Hindu religion i.e this comes down to bribing God, for Him to bestow unmerited favours. This being the religious practice, it is concluded, that bribery . . . → Read More: Bribery – Culture of India

Pakistan’s Urban Metamorphosis

It’s surprising to many that the majority of Pakistanis support the Islamists and their apologists as the saviors of their religion. But this didn’t happen overnight. The mindset of the large segment of society didn’t change with a blink of an eye.

No serious attempt has been made to analyse this phenomenon even though the . . . → Read More: Pakistan’s Urban Metamorphosis