The equator may just be a disk of dark matter

Our planet Earth may have a disc of dark matter around the equator, according to a new study that analysed data from GPS satellites.

Ben Harris at the University of Texas at Arlington conducted an analysis of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite orbits and found that Earth is heavier than thought, perhaps due to a . . . → Read More: The equator may just be a disk of dark matter

Apple vs Google: Mobile map wars


SAN FRANCISCO — Get ready for the mobile map wars.

For many people, phones have become an important way to navigate the world, and mobile maps are at the core of the journey. They are often the critical element in commerce, socializing and search. So far, Googlehas reigned supreme in the mobile . . . → Read More: Apple vs Google: Mobile map wars

FB opening a ‘below 13’ option

Such a move would be controversial, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday, as many parents of older children already worry about the possibility for social and criminal problems on Facebook. There are also questions of whether children under 13 are equipped to know which data is advisable for sharing online.

However, the tests – none . . . → Read More: FB opening a ‘below 13’ option

Apple denies price fixing charges

SAN FRANCISCO: Apple on Thursday denied a charge that it schemed with publishers to hike prices for e-books, portraying itself as a hero for prying Amazon’s “monopolistic grip” from the market.

“The DOJ’s accusation of collusion against Apple is simple not true,” Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said in an emailed statement a day after a . . . → Read More: Apple denies price fixing charges

iPad 3: Expected to be faster

Apple is holding an event Wednesday in San Francisco, and has hinted that it will reveal a new iPad model. Rumors speak of an updated tablet with a speedier processor, a sharper screen and an option for faster wireless broadband access.

If last year’s launch of the iPad 2 is any guide, the new iPad . . . → Read More: iPad 3: Expected to be faster

iPhone 5! disappeared?

Ever wish the latest piece of technology that hadn’t yet hit the shelves was suddenly dropped upon your lap to play with as you see fit? If you hang out in San Francisco bars around Apple’s office, you may not have to wish long. It seems as though a particularly slippery-fingered Apple employee lost track . . . → Read More: iPhone 5! disappeared?

World’s first man ‘functionally cured’ of HIV

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US: In a first, a San Francisco native has apparently been cured of the deadly HIV virus.

Timothy Ray Brown, 45, had tested positive for HIV, the virus symptomatic of AIDs , back in 1995. However, he has managed to eliminate the virus from his body with what doctors describe as a . . . → Read More: World’s first man ‘functionally cured’ of HIV

Microsoft buying Skype

SAN FRANCISCO: US software giant Microsoft is reportedly poised to announce a deal to buy Internet telephony pioneer Skype as it battles to stay relevant in an online world dominated by Google and Apple.

Technology website All Things Digital cited unnamed sources as saying Microsoft would reveal the acquisition early Tuesday.

. . . → Read More: Microsoft buying Skype

New Gadgets mean New Opportunities for Hackers

Researchers at Mocana, a security technology company in San Francisco, recently discovered they could hack into a best-selling Internet-ready HDTV model with unsettling ease.

They found a hole in the software that helps display Web sites on the TV and leveraged that flaw to control information being sent to the television. They could put up . . . → Read More: New Gadgets mean New Opportunities for Hackers

Google unveils Chrome OS notebook for test scheme

Google has delayed the launch of its much anticipated laptop, powered by its Chrome operating system, until 2011.

Instead, Google announced a pilot programme aimed at people who “live on the web”.

Chrome OS is Google’s boldest bid yet to challenge Microsoft’s market dominance with Windows software.

. . . → Read More: Google unveils Chrome OS notebook for test scheme