Please keep Hajj out of politics!

The uproar started on social media, then spun out of control after a news site published the story.

It was claimed that the Hajj application form now featured a new question – ‘Are you Shia?’ – purportedly added at the behest of Saudi Arabia.

The first time I came across this controversial story on a . . . → Read More: Please keep Hajj out of politics!

Birthday Blues

In a few hours from now, social media is going to experience a tsunami of emotions, nostalgia and patriotism. It’s that time of the year when we remember Baba-e-Qaum, tell him how proud we are to be his progeny and promise to make him proud this year. Baba sleeps peacefully knowing that he is missed . . . → Read More: Birthday Blues

The great Israeli and Zionist ambition

(By Felicity Arbuthnot) The concept of a “Greater Israel” according to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, is a Jewish State stretching “’From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.’

Rabbi Fischmann, of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, stated to the UN Special Committee on 9th July 1947 that:

The Promised Land extends . . . → Read More: The great Israeli and Zionist ambition

Spreading thy tentacles

Saudi Arabia’s benevolence seems to have offended more than it has appeased the average Pakistani. Can $1.5 million really make it to the world records as the most expensive gift? Perhaps that is another world record the Punjabi Chief Minister must contemplate over submitting. Are we sugarcoating aid now? Perhaps yes we are. But Pakistan . . . → Read More: Spreading thy tentacles

Shia Sunni unity in Pakistan

Maulanaa Tariq Jameel offering Namaz in Shiite Markazi Imam Barigah Jamay Masjid Gilgit. This is something, we hardly witness in our country. Both the Shiite and Sunni community of Pakistan have taken a very positive step to bring Sunni and Shia sects closer.

Yesterday, Tariq Jameel who is a well known religious scholar and preacher . . . → Read More: Shia Sunni unity in Pakistan

Not just Sectarian

By Zoon Ahmed Khan

10 January, 2013: As Pakistan drenched itself in a bloodbath of Hazara suffering, this year started with a not too promising start for the well being of the weak. Blasts specifically targeting the Shia community in Quetta and Swat claimed a total of 130 people. Predominantly Hazara, the . . . → Read More: Not just Sectarian

US 2012: It does matter if its Black or White

Waking up to Obama’s projected victory after he had crossed the 270 electoral vote mark was a relief. No. Actually it gave me that adrenaline rush I needed to get my day started. 6 billion dollars have been spent in the past 4 years on both the candidates’ campaigns combined. And we land pretty much . . . → Read More: US 2012: It does matter if its Black or White

When Quetta was safe

All of us have some special kind of emotional attachment to things that we cherished during childhood and teenage. The home where we have the earliest memories, our childhood best friends, that special watch that one of your elders gave you after getting good results in school, that special spicy chaats which your mother used . . . → Read More: When Quetta was safe

Why should religion make us lose respect for human life?

Eighteen bloodied bodies, shot Gestapo-style, lay by the roadside. Men in army uniforms had stopped four buses bound from Rawalpindi to Gilgit, demanding that all 117 persons on board alight.Those with Shia sounding names on their national identification cards were separated out. Minutes later it was all over; the earlier massacres of Hazara Shias in . . . → Read More: Why should religion make us lose respect for human life?

Day 3: Kurram – Four dead in second attack in the agency

PESHAWAR: At least four people were killed and one was injured on Friday morning when gunmen opened fire on a passenger vehicle in Lower Kurram Agency, increasing the death toll in violence over the past two days to 11.

According to sources, the vehicle, bound for Sada in central Kurram, was intercepted by gunmen in . . . → Read More: Day 3: Kurram – Four dead in second attack in the agency