Understanding the real Balochistan

(By Muhammad Faheem Belharvi) Balochistan is an integral part of Pakistan with a history of supporting Resolution of Pakistan-1940, which envisaged creation of a separate homeland for Muslim majority areas of sub-continent India.

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ZoneAsia-Pk: Divorcing the Taliban

By Nida Afaque

The long and short of the war in Afghanistan was to eliminate terrorists and reinstall social equality for the locals so that women can have a greater say, children can acquire education and the young Afghans can find a stable source of income. The decade long war has ripped Afghanistan limb from limb; . . . → Read More: ZoneAsia-Pk: Divorcing the Taliban

Are We a Nation in Denial?

Amidst chaos once more; this time the people are better prepared, but perhaps only mentally. It seems like the Pakistani Society (especially the youth) has acclimatized at a miraculous pace. Be it bomb blasts, suicide attacks, open fire on civilians, floods, earthquakes, dengue; we can know it all and still strut down the sidewalks with our . . . → Read More: Are We a Nation in Denial?

NWA Ulema condemn terrorism, declare suicide attacks ‘Haram’

A meeting of 300 eminent religious scholars and Ulema have unanimously agreed and pronounced condemning all forms of terrorists’ activities in North Waziristan Agency and issued stern warning to terrorists about serious consequences.

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