Let us never forget

Pakistanis are a strange lot; we have witnessed more than our fair share of violence, extremism, dead bodies and devastation. While some believe we have become a brave and resilient nation in the process, there are others who fear that after being subjected to violence on such a large scale it has desensitized us.  Today, . . . → Read More: Let us never forget

Don’t weep for me, Mama

By Halima Islam

“Mama, I sat there alone, trembling with fear that the men in the heavy black boots were coming for me next. Mama, I wanted to scream, cry, do everything in my control for you to come and save me but I knew they would turn their weapons on me. I wanted to save . . . → Read More: Don’t weep for me, Mama

How the West lost in the Middle East

By Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr. (USFS, Ret.)

The Collapse of Order in the Middle East Remarks to the 23rd Annual Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference

Ambassador Chas W. Freeman, Jr. (USFS, Ret.) Washington, D.C.   October 28, 2014

Will Rogers once observed that “when you get into trouble 5,000 miles from home, you’ve . . . → Read More: How the West lost in the Middle East

The show must go on!

I am sad that a suicide bomber decided to massacre innocent women, children and men at Wagah Border near Lahore, Pakistan who were there to witness the daily flag hoisting ceremony. I am happy that  people of Lahore were there again the very next day to show solidarity with our armed forces . . . → Read More: The show must go on!

Panic stricken Punjab Govt calls in Rangers

Rangers were deployed in Lahore at the request of the Punjab government to ensure security in the provincial capital, Express News reported.

The government had asked the interior ministry to deploy Rangers in Lahore until August 14 and had also sent a letter to the ministry in this regard.

Five companies of . . . → Read More: Panic stricken Punjab Govt calls in Rangers

Stand up for Pakistan

There has been an unending stream of propaganda against Pakistan ever since she decided to go nuclear. She is variously described as a violent country, failed and most dangerous state, hub of terrorism where women are mercilessly abused, etc. etc. Given the repetition, over time, such depictions are bound to make unsuspecting people accept these . . . → Read More: Stand up for Pakistan

Analyzing Pakistan’s society

The Pakistani nation, hostage to some of the worst forms of terrorism, much of it inbred, has been debating on whether or not talks with the Taliban would be productive. Most of the discussions revolve around whether it is justifiable to sit across the table with those who have caused thousands of civilians, among them . . . → Read More: Analyzing Pakistan’s society

Drugs related deaths higher than terror toll

RAWALPINDI – Anti-Narcotic Force (ANF) Director General Maj Gen Khawar Hanif said the use of drugs had become national security issue which was also affecting the youth and causing serious diseases among them.

He expressed these views at press briefing held at ANF Headquarters on Tuesday. He said that billion of . . . → Read More: Drugs related deaths higher than terror toll

Déjà vu

They say lightning never strikes the same place twice. But what we witnessed today was a re-run of the horrific terrorist attack on the Karachi Airport on Sunday. Airport Security Forces were targeted once again and the media, out of habit, showed live coverage. In the reckless pursuit of higher TRPs, national interests and common . . . → Read More: Déjà vu

The twist in history by the twisted historians!

I found this post on a website, the original article was so biased and one sided but the comment below the article was so well researched and befitting! You can read the article if you like (from the website link provided) but you must read the comment which I have copy pasted here (I hope this . . . → Read More: The twist in history by the twisted historians!