Remembering Taseer

A little over 30 years ago I met Salmaan Taseer in Dubai. I was straight out of law school and working for a US-Pakistani firm in Dubai. There were few people a 22-year-old could find much commonality with. Salmaan was different that way. He was interested in and interesting to many. We would meet . . . → Read More: Remembering Taseer

: Is The West Going Through a Phase of Moral Degeneration

Alain de Botton is a Swiss public intellectual, author, philosopher, television presenter and entrepreneur living in the United Kingdom. He has written several books on literature, philosophy, art, travel and architecture. In August 2008, he established a new educational enterprise in London called “The School of Life”. Among his prominent books are “How Proust Can . . . → Read More: : Is The West Going Through a Phase of Moral Degeneration

Media and Tourism ~ A Reflection

Beautiful Deosai Plateau

Tourism and traveling is big business in today’s world. People travel and see fascinating things. Traveling is a way to relax. People take pictures to freeze their memories. I also travel a lot after coming to America, but my Pakistani soul is desperate to see anything related to my beloved country.

. . . → Read More: Media and Tourism ~ A Reflection