Democracy doesn’t come easily

Dozens of Egyptians were killed in a soccer stadium brawl this past week. This was the deadliest outbreak of violence since Hosni Mubarak was ousted one year ago. The violence didn’t stop at the stadium and it begs the question: What has Egypt gained since its revolution? Take a step back and ask: What has . . . → Read More: Democracy doesn’t come easily

Revolution or bust

We, too, had a revolution of our own — even though it was a ‘mini’ one — which ousted a military ruler and restored the superior judiciary to its rightful place. Some of our Arab friends were very impressed: “You have a vibrant civil society; in our part of the world it is dead”. Now, . . . → Read More: Revolution or bust

Media and Tourism ~ A Reflection

Beautiful Deosai Plateau

Tourism and traveling is big business in today’s world. People travel and see fascinating things. Traveling is a way to relax. People take pictures to freeze their memories. I also travel a lot after coming to America, but my Pakistani soul is desperate to see anything related to my beloved country.

. . . → Read More: Media and Tourism ~ A Reflection