Uzbek and Afghan terrorists killed in drone strike

PESHAWAR: Six suspected foreigners were killed in a pre-dawn drone attack in Dattakhel, about 35km west of Miramshah, regional headquarters of North Waziristan, on Thursday.

This is the first drone strike since the army launched the operation Zarb-i-Azb in the restive tribal region on June 15.

According to a security . . . → Read More: Uzbek and Afghan terrorists killed in drone strike

Pakistan destroys terrorist hideouts

Pakistan has carried out air raids in the Tirah Valley area of the northwestern Khyber tribal district, killing at least 15 people, according to a statement by the military.

The statement, released early on Tuesday, said “nine terrorist hideouts were destroyed” in the raids, which came a day after an armed assault at Karachi’s international airport killed . . . → Read More: Pakistan destroys terrorist hideouts

Afghan refugees by the millions

(By Syed Mohammad Ali) For more than three decades, Pakistan has been home to one of the world’s largest refugee communities due to multiple waves of Afghans crossing over the porous international border to flee repeated bouts of escalating conflict within their war-ravaged country.

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan had unleashed the first wave of refugees into . . . → Read More: Afghan refugees by the millions

US, Pakistan and pipeline politics

My word, are we showcasing some guts in the Iran-Pakistan pipeline episode! Hina Rabbani Khar’s riposte to Hillary Clinton’s ‘threats’ over the IP project was not only valiant she even made it sound realistic. Last week the US hierarchy – in a class ROFL moment – labeled the IP pipeline as a “bad idea”. And . . . → Read More: US, Pakistan and pipeline politics

Finding a solution to Baluchistan’s instability

Dear Mr. Taylor,

This refers to the piece on the so-called ‘Pakistan Problem’ by Chris Mason in the Globe & Mail of December 22. It is small wonder the US policies are in such a mess in Afghanistan and Pakistan when people with so little knowledge and understanding are at work in Washington. After making . . . → Read More: Finding a solution to Baluchistan’s instability


Pakistanis should be pardoned if they are seeing too much in recent events. The dots they are connecting to make a picture are far too big to ignore and it would be moronic to consider them as coincidences. There was Admiral Mullen’s extraordinary statement blaming the government of Pakistan for the killing of journalist Saleem . . . → Read More: PICTURE PERFECT

Pakistani band Sachal tops US music charts

A group of ageing musicians from Lahore has pulled off the unlikely feat of racing up jazz charts in the US, thanks to an album of standards and bossa nova classics blended with Hindustani music recorded by a Pakistani philanthropist.

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World’s first man ‘functionally cured’ of HIV

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US: In a first, a San Francisco native has apparently been cured of the deadly HIV virus.

Timothy Ray Brown, 45, had tested positive for HIV, the virus symptomatic of AIDs , back in 1995. However, he has managed to eliminate the virus from his body with what doctors describe as a . . . → Read More: World’s first man ‘functionally cured’ of HIV

USA: Job Gains Future…”not very” and “not likely”!!!

Every spring for the last three years, the business press and government policy makers declare with great fanfare that the job market in the US has finally turned the corner; sustained recovery in job creation has begun. But every summer following their pronouncements, the opposite occurs: employment and job creation retrenches from the spring and . . . → Read More: USA: Job Gains Future…”not very” and “not likely”!!!

The Good Ol’ Days

There was a time when the US and Pakistan were real allies; when both governments respected each other and the peoples of both countries found more common ground than dividing factors. Fifty years later, people joke about the US and Pakistan as frenemies; following a friendship that really doesn’t work because their interests are . . . → Read More: The Good Ol’ Days