The sleep must end now

Thomas R. Pickering Working Group Chair The Century Foundation Press • New York

The Report of The Century Foundation International Working Group on Pakistan

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28 more suspects arrested in Youhanabad lynching case

At least 28 more suspects were arrested on Sunday in the lynching case of two youngsters after twin suicide blasts outside the churches in Youhanabad recently.

SSP (Investigations) Rana Ayyaz Saleem said that suspects were taken into custody after matching their images from footages and subsequently with the record of Nadra.

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Words can kill

WORDS can kill as surely as bullets. Ask those mourning the death of Luqman Ahmed Shahzad, an Ahmadi gunned down a few days ago, just how deadly words can be.

The victim was murdered five days after a Geo TV religious broadcast in which Owaisi, a cleric invited by the popular host, Amir Liaquat, pronounced . . . → Read More: Words can kill

Murder report – when the law fails to protect the minorities

Pakistan, a state built for Muslims but very much inclusive of other ‘minorities’ has on many occasions breached this notion which has led to the society now becoming increasingly intolerant of the ethno and religio-ethnic minorities present within Pakistan. News have been infiltrated with the wave of Shi’i genocides of the Hazara in Baluchistan, Shi’i . . . → Read More: Murder report – when the law fails to protect the minorities

The Political Economy of Intolerance in Pakistan

Intolerance in society – an individual with an intolerant mindset, or a community with values of intolerance and hatred – is the prime incubator for extremism, which manifests itself in the form of violent militancy and terrorism. Counter-terror policies are completely inadequate if they do not include the necessary social, political, educational and . . . → Read More: The Political Economy of Intolerance in Pakistan

KPK arms the healers

FOLLOWING a troubling spate of abductions of doctors in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the provincial government last week announced that it would issue arms licences to the medical community.

This decision puts the province’s doctors in charge of their own safety, and is thus an abdication of the state’s basic responsibility to provide security for all citizens.

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IJT students to appear in court today for Lahore violence

Heavy contingent of police has been deployed at the Punjab University new campus, as the Islami Jamiat Tulaba (IJT) miscreants arrested yesterday will be presented in the court today (Tuesday).

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FP Analysis: The others

On Tuesday, Aziza Mai and her two daughters living in Multan were victimized by two men who threw acid on them. There are thousands of women like Aziza Mai who live in constant fear and are often subjected to excruciating violence; their scars a constant reminder of their tragedies. Across Pakistan, in Quetta, the Hazara . . . → Read More: FP Analysis: The others

ZoneAsia-Pk: Tsunami version 2.0

Elections in Pakistan have a terrifying effect. Like a lie detector, it has been known to expose true sentiments, rivalries, morals and ruthless strategies to guarantee victories. It seems to be doing the same with Pakistan’s rising star, PTI. News about disruptive behavior and violence at PTI’s intra party elections has been popping up time . . . → Read More: ZoneAsia-Pk: Tsunami version 2.0

Are we addicts of violence and aggression?

Hangout # 2 – Why Are We Addicted To Violence?