Warring in Afghanistan- a fatal prediction

When penned down, opinions become narratives. Narratives palatable to the heavier end of the scales of power tend to become history. And when history is penned to convenience, to pander and gloss over reality, one needs to call it out. Dalrymple’s Brookings essay ‘A Deadly Triangle: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India’ has become Washington’s poster child . . . → Read More: Warring in Afghanistan- a fatal prediction

Chicken-hearted Imran Khan

By Feisal H Naqvi

Two days after Malala Yousufzai was attacked by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Imran Khan went to the hospital in which she was being treated to show his concern regarding her condition. And yet, when asked a day earlier why he didn’t directly condemn the TTP, Mr Khan had responded . . . → Read More: Chicken-hearted Imran Khan

ZoneAsia-Pk: Divorcing the Taliban

By Nida Afaque

The long and short of the war in Afghanistan was to eliminate terrorists and reinstall social equality for the locals so that women can have a greater say, children can acquire education and the young Afghans can find a stable source of income. The decade long war has ripped Afghanistan limb from . . . → Read More: ZoneAsia-Pk: Divorcing the Taliban

The queasy condition of Pakistan at 64

The queasy condition of Pakistan, incapable of either a complete collapse or of throwing up a regime that could move the country even a few steps forward, has been a cause for depression for many a decade. The privileged elite — military and civilian — live happily in their bubble exercising military, political, administrative, economic . . . → Read More: The queasy condition of Pakistan at 64