Don’t miss out on Yoga!

In an event on the first International Day of Yoga on June 21, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, an Indian mystic and humanitarian, stressed the relevance of yoga in today’s world saying it helps make life a pleasant experience.

“While we may be the generation that enjoys most comforts and conveniences, we are . . . → Read More: Don’t miss out on Yoga!

Asking the right questions

By Aisha Sarwari

It goes without saying that when a guest comes to your house you don’t ask difficult questions. This is perhaps why Imam Kaaba Sheikh Al-Ghamdi was so overwhelmed by the love and support he got from Pakistanis during his visit here. This is actually supported by a Pew Research Centre . . . → Read More: Asking the right questions

Empowering the educated

(By Rafia Zakaria) NOT much of Pakistan operates on merit. Connections procure jobs, recommendations procure promotions, an uncle in this bureaucracy, a brother in that one, all of it together amounts to the favours and facilitators that are needed to get where one wants to be.

It was not a huge surprise, therefore, when the . . . → Read More: Empowering the educated

Which party fares best for the fairer sex

According to a 2012 survey by the World Economic Forum, Pakistan is still considered to be one of the worst places in the world to be a woman. With a total of 37 million registered female voters, the policies adopted by political parties to ensure the rights and progress of women might play a key . . . → Read More: Which party fares best for the fairer sex

Chinese Spring? Not in the near future

As China prepares for leadership succession, clashes between the people and the authorities steal the headlines, as if foreshadowing a semblance of Arab Spring taking place. “The Protester” may have won the coveted label of TIME person of the year, but they seem less consequential in China. Despite a dramatic increase in the number of . . . → Read More: Chinese Spring? Not in the near future

HEC is a strategic organisation, don’t shred it to pieces

Renowned nuclear scientist Dr AQ Khan has strongly opposed what he has called the destruction of the country’s highest forum to guarantee for quality of education, the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

“There is a move to destroy the Higher Education Commission by shredding it to pieces and hand these pieces to the provinces. This is . . . → Read More: HEC is a strategic organisation, don’t shred it to pieces