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Creativity Leads to Family Enrichment


I made a fortune reading stories to my daughter until she was twelve. To this day, we share that rich experience. Many years ago we were sitting on the sofa and I was drawing pictures for my daughter. He told me what he wanted the figure to look like and I drew it as best I could. It was just a fun game at the time, but it was the kind of creative play that honed my daughter’s future creative talents and brought us closer as two people who collaborated creatively. But what I’ve learned is that giving your kids personal time is better than prioritizing whatever video game they might be playing, better than whatever late report you have to get in, better than clustering. around the TV is better than anything else. And this is why…

When you interact with your children through reading, writing, drawing, painting, etc., you bond with them. Daily personal parent/child dialogues: “…he took my ball, she called me a rat, do your homework, don’t mess up the kitchen, feed the dog, wipe your feet”… ..not just part of a conversation There is no interactive creation. Parents are on the same level. You all share creative moments – your kids enjoy reading to them, you enjoy drawing and sharing pictures with them, you all enjoy writing about the day you got your adorable kitten. ha has now become a huge and very luxurious family cat.


You avoid the chaos of parents scolding children and children reacting negatively. Reading, writing, and doing art projects together puts everyone on the same plane. IF you keep the playing level level with everyone involved and forget about the parent/child roles you usually play, you’ll have a ball!

OK, but there’s still soccer, football, ballet, and when in the world can you find time for creative play? Make time for creative communication. Yes, it is important that your son’s team wins the next game and you should be there to cheer him on. But setting aside a small space of time, even twenty minutes, to read, write and draw together will help you to show his heart as a reliable and loving parent who is ready to meet him on his level and share a creative process with him. get it.


Life goes on, the child grows up fast. Mastering it for twenty minutes once or twice a week will change the texture of your life. Yes, it will be hard to tear them away from video games and text messaging friends. But, soon your message will be clear – “I want to spend some time with you.” No lectures, no advice, no talking – just time spent together on a small project to find out what you two are like without the parent/child roles. One night, just try this. Turn off the TV. Turn off video games. Sit down with the children and invent a story. Just a simple story. And then everyone pulls it off. Pass the pictures around and talk about the picture – no criticism, no criticism, just talk.

Well, everyone is yawning – I know. But if you do it again next week and the next week, it will pass. You start having a good time. It can be a little scary at first. This is not a video game or television. It’s just you and the kids. Don’t worry. Soon, you’ll discover some things about yourself—family things that football and ballet don’t. Like who you are as related people, what you think of each other, and how without competition or bad mouthing from anyone, you can look at each other and appreciate each other for who you are.


Remember how you wanted to paint an oil painting? Remember that art class you took at community college and you loved it? Think of the creative things you’ve done, like finding the right knobs for your kitchen cabinets, installing low-voltage lights around your driveway to illuminate trees and bushes, or making that bold birthday card for your child, because you could’ve done anything. Didn’t find the right one? You got a warm glow from these projects, didn’t you? OK.


Take some creative time for yourself. Well, right now your private time is between 10:30 and 11:00 at night, when you can read a few pages of that novel from the local library three times before you leave work. Fit in twenty minutes of YOUR creativity once or twice a week. Decide what you will do in those twenty minutes. Draw, paint, write? Tap into your creative mind—not for your boss, but for yourself. Remember your favorite childhood places and pictures. Write or draw about them. Add color to your life with pastels or acrylic or oil paints. Discover the magic of social media and skills. Sit down with a sketch pad and draw your houseplants. Make a pastel out of your neighbor’s photo on New Year’s Eve (that was pretty funny, huh?)

It will take a month or less. After these creative times, you will feel the ripple effect. It’s a good feeling to be creative by instructing your conscious and subconscious mind and tap into the parts of your brain that give you a sense of being healthy and balanced (even wise!) Then, increase those minutes. Try twenty to thirty minutes a day. The Ripple effect will be more like a positive wave of good feeling that affects the powers of your mind that have been dormant for a long time.

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