How Long Is A College Football Game On Tv NFL Football picks for week 2 (9/17/06 – 9/18/06)

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NFL Football picks for week 2 (9/17/06 – 9/18/06)

A 9-7 record isn’t a bad way to start the season, but it’s not amazing either. I’ll give it another go for the second week:

Buffalo at Miami – 6 1/2

Neither team looked very good in week one, but Buffalo gave the Patriots a scare. However, Buffalo’s defense could suffer if Spikes doesn’t play. Miami won at home after a tough loss to the defending champs.

Pick: Miami – 6 1/2

Carolina at Minnesota + 2

The Panthers bounce back after the Falcons make them look like fools. The Vikings won Monday, but it wasn’t all that special. The Redskins were just worse. I usually like the home dogs, but the Panthers have a history of playing well on the road.

Pick: Carolina -2

Cleveland at Cincinnati – 10 1/2

I’ll make it simple. The Bengals looked good last week and the Browns looked bad. The Bengals have owned this series lately, and their defense is shutting down a poor Cleveland offense.

Pick: Cincinnati – 10 1/2

Detroit at Chicago – 8 1/2

Lots of big spreads this week. Green Bay made the Bears look better than them, and I was really surprised by the Lions, who beat the NFC champion Seahawks to zero touchdowns last week. Will the Cowardly Lions show they can play?

Pick: Detroit + 8 1/2

Houston at Indianapolis – 13

I don’t enjoy putting up so many points, but this is just an inconsistency. The Colts playing at home against a struggling team seems like a lock, but I’ve been burned before when things look this obvious. I’m still debating this one, but for now I’m going with Indy.

Pick: Indianapolis – 13

New Orleans at Green Bay + 2

I know traditionally Green Bay doesn’t lose at home. And since they’re getting points here, it’s a sure thing, right? mistake The Packers were shut out by the Bears last week and the Saints didn’t look too bad. Reggie Bush is the real deal and Aaron Brooks’ stupid decisions no longer haunt this team. They have a bowl QB to lead them.

Pick: New Orleans – 2

New York Giants at Philadelphia – 3

Philly looked good last week when McNabb threw for three TDs and looked like a pro again. The Giants were slightly outplayed by the Colts, but looked pretty good. This is one of the best games of the week to watch on TV. I think it’s going to be close, so I’m going to go with the team getting some points and also think the Giants will do everything they can to avoid starting the season at 0-2.

Pick: New York Giants +3

Oakland at Baltimore – 11 1/2

Even though the Ravens beat the Bucs pretty badly last week, I’m still not convinced. Their defense was similar to the Ravens a few years ago. The Raiders might be the worst team in football to look like a High School team as they were embarrassed by the Chargers on Monday night. I’d say the Raiders bounce back enough to get into the spread.

Pick: Oakland + 11 1/2

Tampa Bay at Atlanta – 5 1/2

Tampa needs to bounce back after getting beat by the Ravens last week. Chris Simms is finally getting to look like his dad this weekend as the Bucs recently clinched the series. With John Abraham listed as questionable, I think the Bucs will lose this one.

WAR: Tampa Bay + 5 1/2

Arizona at Seattle – 7

The Seahawks didn’t look very impressive against the Lions, but I think it worked more with the better Lions. This week they are at home and the last few wins against the Cardinals. Although the Cardinals look better, they will lose on the road this week.

Pick: Seattle – 7

St. Louis at San Francisco +3

3? Only 3? The Rams are an average type of team and the 49ers are a bad team. The Rams’ defense is better than the Cardinals’ defense, with the 49ers putting up 27 points against them. Don’t look for a repeat offensive performance from Gore, Bryant or Smith. However, Stephen Jackson is having a field day.

Selection: St. Louis – 3

Kansas City at Denver – 10 1/2

It’s a tough one for KC without starting QB Trent Green, who was injured last week. Larry Johnson will pick up the slack as the Chiefs at least keep it close. Denver could start Cutler sooner then we think if Plummer plays like he did in Week 1.

Pick: Kansas City + 10 1/2

New England at New York Jets +6

The Jets looked almost like a football team last week against the Titans, one of the worst teams in the league. When facing one of the best teams in the league, the Jets fall apart. Pennington is arguably the most fragile QB in the NFL and it’s only a matter of time before his season ends. Look for a big day from Dillon, Maroney, Watson and Brady.

Pick: New England -6

Tennessee at San Diego – 11 1/2

Well, you know by now how I feel about the Titans and the Chargers​​​​​​​​​​, last Monday night looked good. They give a lot, but the advantage of the area of ​​​​the west coast is big in this case. Phillip Rivers looked more comfortable than I thought and LT is the best running back in the game. They beat the Titans like the Raiders.

Pick: San Diego – 11 1/2

Washington at Dallas – 5 1/2

Without Portis, the Redskins aren’t much. He is listed as questionable and is trying to hurry back from his injury. Dallas looked like it last week, but Bledsoe will fight like hell to keep his job, which may be on the line. Playing in front of a Texas crowd, Dallas wins.

Pick: Dallas – 5 1/2

Pittsburgh at Jacksonville pick them up

How is it with the Steelers and em games? The Jags look good, but the Steelers are better. Again, the better team wins on national television.

Choice: Pittsburgh

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