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Sports Arbitrage Trading – A Practical Minicourse – Part Three

How can I find arbs to trade?

There are two factors that determine the possibility of arbitrage trading

1. An event should have a limited number of possible outcomes

The event you are betting on should have 2 or 3 possible outcomes.

For example, the event could be a head-to-head competition, such as tennis or snooker, where only one player can win. Or you can consider a cricket or football match where there are three possible outcomes including draw/draw.

There are exceptions where arbs are available in events with more than three outcomes and they can be very lucrative, but you will find your usual arbs in the events described above.

2. There should be an appropriate interest rate in your favor

When you’re starting out, it’s probably best to limit your bets to opportunities that yield 2.0% or more. This allows you to gain margin while learning from mistakes, and any mistakes will likely only lead to a bearish situation where you can sacrifice your profits.

However, as you gain experience, you can consider ALL situations, including the THOUSANDS of 1-2% opportunities that happen every month. While juicing 8-15% a few times a week will give you great rewards, smaller and more frequent ones will consistently add to your results.

So – that’s it. You find the event, make calculators, place bets and get a guaranteed profit regardless of the result. Once you’ve streamlined your processes, it can’t get much simpler.

The skill is finding the right events to bet on. You can get detailed information about it below.

There are many situations that trigger arbitration, but above is a short list of the ones we recommend you check out.


    With only two possible outcomes, this is the best case scenario. The more obscure the race, the better your chances of finding profitable spreads between sportsbooks. Most of the listed bookmakers regularly offer prices on all tennis matches. You can probably find a lot of arbs in tennis.

    Once again, with only two possible outcomes, snooker is an ideal event in which to look for arbitrage opportunities, although stakes can sometimes be limited to a few hundred pounds by bookies.

    One-day games only produce two results, while the winter tour also produces a draw. Cricket seems to be a weak spot for many bookies; a fact that often causes some large percentage of billions.

    Divisional championships can yield some lucrative gains. After a few games have been played, there are huge discrepancies between the sportsbooks. Also, it often happens that North American oddsmakers have a completely different view of their European counterparts, which creates more opportunities for arbitrage.
  • GOLF

    Golf produces a large number of arbs each week in the 18-hole 2-ball and 3-ball games, as well as the 72-hole tournament. Furthermore, in gaming events such as the Dunhill Cup and the World Gaming Championship, competitors are paired and can only win or lose. Markets during these events can be very volatile and produce a lot of bulls.

    During the football season, it is worth paying attention to the European matches every week, as they can create some profitable opportunities. One of the advantages of betting on football compared to other sports is the very large size that bookmakers accept. Look out for Arabs not only in the usual home, away, draw markets, but also in the Asian Handicap and Target markets.

    Whether it’s the next president of the United States or the next person to leave Big Brother, if there is room for disagreement between the organizers, there is a possibility of arbitration. Some very large margins can be made on these non-sporting events as bettors have to make more guesses than on sports.
  • ANOTHER SPORT When looking for a risk-free profit, you should also consider

    1. boxing
    2. basketball
    3. baseball
    4. hockey
    5. ice hockey

If you want to search for arbs manually, then you should be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort searching individual betting sites and odds comparison sites for prices. This can be useful in some cases, but it makes much more sense to use software for this task because it is much faster and frees you up to do other things.

So, now that you know what to look for, let’s see how software can help you at the end of the market…

    There is no doubt that if you use your sports arbitrage software correctly, you will make more profit than without it. As well as finding arbitrage trades for you automatically, it should also place average trades and even warn you about trades that you can take to pay any premiums you expect at your bookies.
    Using software helps to save a lot of time. If you can rely on software to search on your behalf, it frees you up to search elsewhere or do other things.
    This is an overlooked benefit, but one that almost every professional trader uses. When the software alerts you to an arbitrage trade, it often informs you of other possible trades. For example, a football arbitrage trade may include a price that you can use in an exchange betting strategy instead of an arbitrage trade that you are informed about. The main issue is that the software will bring this to your attention faster than other research methods. Your sports arbitrage software should also allow you to select break-even trades, that is, those whose prices add up to 100%, and this can be used effectively when using bonus hunting techniques.
    The best sports arbitrage software allows you to be the first to know when a bookmaker has posted new prices on the site. This early warning system can be of great advantage in trading strategies where you need to analyze new prices as soon as possible.
    With the large amount of data it has access to, your software should be able to provide you with very useful statistics. It should be able to show you how many bets each bettor has each month. This is incredibly powerful for research because it lets you see exactly which accounts are most important each month. Many professional traders use this type of analysis to determine where their funds should be prepared for trading each month.

In my next article, we will see what we can do to reduce the impact of transaction fees when trading…

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