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Football Strength Training

Strength training is essential for all soccer players. Being able to put together a strength program requires more planning from your athletes and proper structure. Planning a strength training program is both an art and a science.

Here is a quick list of facts you should keep in mind about your strength training for soccer. It’s not just about how big and bulky you can get – quite the opposite in fact.

o Bigger muscles are not necessarily stronger muscles o You need to develop more than just a given muscle size; you have to really consider muscle strength. That’s the point.

o Strong muscle is bigger; -.

o Many large muscles are pulled from the joint that is intended for movement. A torn muscle can take months or even years to fully heal. Some never.

As you train, you will develop the strength of your tendons and ligaments. Don’t attack your weight training like a crazy idiot. Take your time. Focus on solid form on each repetition. Do your reps slowly and with full control. Accidentally swinging or dropping a weight and calling a successful representative is not only careless; this is a false achievement. Weight training isn’t just about moving weight from point A to point B. Remember that!

o Large muscles often reduce speed, agility and dexterity. o Especially for wide receivers, defensive backs and tailbacks, muscles must be trained specifically for strength and speed. They need to be able to start right now, stop right now, and absorb some serious unexpected effects. Football is not a game for the faint of heart. It’s also not an event for big, slow, over-sized pigs, simply because they can lift 400 pounds in a strange, clumsy, off-balance fashion. Be real!

Do yourself and your team a serious favor and make sure you’re there to help after a busy season. Take your strength training for soccer seriously. Slow down when you’re at the gym. Develop the strength of your tendons and ligaments along with your bulk. The end result will be awesome, lightening fast, unbreakable, explosive muscles with true beast power! Now that’s what you’re after.

There are several types of strength training for soccer to consider. Football is versatile and requires versatility in strength training programs. Here are the types we refer to:

o Functional Strength Training for Soccer Ø Hypertrophy Strength Training for Soccer Ø Maximal Strength Training for Soccer Ø Strength Training for Soccer

First, we will define each of them, and then consider how to integrate them all into the overall sports of football.

Functional Strength Training for Soccer:

Football can really hurt your body in many ways. Your body is twisted, bent, stuck, and forced into countless unnatural stress positions. You need to ensure bilateral symmetrical development during your strength training. This means that you are giving equal and beastly (but controlled) effort to both sides of your body. You want symmetrical growth, not unstable distortion.

You should also make sure that you never get so wrapped up in developing your prime movers (quads, biceps, pecs, etc.) that you neglect your accessory muscles (hamstrings, triceps, calves, rear delts, lower trapezius, etc.). take a look ). The message here is that you need to maintain a balance. If you can’t develop your body symmetrically and holistically, you’re asking for injury.

Hypertrophy strength training for soccer

Don’t let the hard-to-pronounce name fool you; the increase in muscle fiber size compensates for the improvement and increase in muscle mass. This is the type of strength training for soccer that everyone thinks about. You should focus on muscle growth and bulk. Remember, even powerlifters should only devote half of their strength training to hypertrophy strength. Any more than that and you enter the slow zone – the painful injury zone – because you don’t want agility and speed.

Maximal strength training for soccer

In short, this refers to the development of the cross-sectional areas of each muscle. It is responsible for explosive power. You need to carry a maximum load to promote the development of these “shifting” motor units. Strength and power are close relatives. When you’re doing maximal exercise, you’re going to explode for a lift. You deliver a burst of energy to the weights that propel them to the desired location. You should remember the first lesson about strict and correct form. Don’t ruin your workout by sinking under the weight like a fish. If you must do this, then take some of the weight off. Remember: you don’t really lift it if you’re over it. More importantly, squatting and squatting invite sitting injuries. Rest assured!

Power training for soccer

You must have the ability to instantly convert all your strength into a powerful force to dominate on the football field. The stronger and stronger athlete is the one who will survive the collision better. You should emphasize your functional, hypertrophy and maximal training with strength training. You want your CNS to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers as quickly as possible. Now that you understand that developing a total soccer kit requires more than just getting in and out of your workout, you need to understand something else: Cycling training. If you want to optimize your strength training for soccer, then you should incorporate all of the training methods mentioned above.

Create a timeline. Create a program that goes through each type of training in sequence. Functional training is followed by hypertrophy work. Do it with 4 weeks of each maximal and strength training and then repeat. Diversify your learning. You don’t want your body to get high, so training can’t be continuous. Think of your body as a multifaceted machine that needs different care at different times. Always take your time with each individual rep to ensure proper form. Grow symmetrically. Development of strength and tendons. You must develop size and power!

Unleash your inner beast through varied and clever training and rule the field!

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