Is Manager And Coach The Same Thing In Football How Would You Like to Run a Fun, Effective Youth Baseball Practice?

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How Would You Like to Run a Fun, Effective Youth Baseball Practice?

Training in any sport can be boring and ineffective if not planned ahead of time. Having a clipboard with your practice route is just a good idea. You can track your times for certain exercises and keep them on file so you’ll know what you’ve covered.

If possible, keep your workouts to 90 minutes. I understand that pre-season practices will probably kill some valuable time early due to weather.

Separate the water breaks with several water breaks so you can add some instruction as a group. Water breaks are not a free-for-all, they are for listening. Review what you have done so far and what you will do in the future.


Exercises can be divided into different stations. A station is a group of players and 1 or 2 coaches. The term station refers to any skill in which a “station” is practiced.

Usually, you match your players and coaches to the practices you do. For example, take 3 catches and practice blocking for 15 minutes. Then take your catch to home plate and complete the throw with the 3 middle players. and tag station. You can also work on 2nd base along with pitching drills for catches. GET THE PARENTS INVOLVED!

Obviously, you will need help to operate these stations. Therefore, in the parent’s letter during the test or registration, you must be clear in the request for help. Parents or relatives do not need to have coaching experience, although this is helpful.

This is a great way for parents to see how hard you work on the team. Please clarify immediately who your assistant coaches are. If possible, name them in your letter. Just because someone is helping out at practice doesn’t mean they are currently on staff.

I know some of this seems obvious, but believe me, it needs to be spelled out to avoid confusion. You will also teach the parents how to help with the exercises and they can work with the player at home as well.


My worst exercise scenario is this. The coach tries to limit the batting practice to 1 hitter at a time. Coach can’t take it over the plate. The backstop doesn’t help catch balls quickly in the backstop. the rest of the players and coaches are very bored standing on the field.

This is a very common practice and one reason why kids don’t like baseball practice. This is very boring. Well, I’m here to help you manage your team with a powerful workout.

Use your creativity and come up with several different stations. Or just use some old stations. Batting stations, throwing stations, catching stations, fielding stations or pitching stations.

Rotate your trainers and volunteers to different stations to teach them one station at a time. Keep track of which person worked which station so you can experience them at all stations.



What is emphasized in each kick station is a good balanced stance, starting the swing with your lower arm, along with strong hip rotation and a balanced high finish or follow through.

We use an exercise called the towel. This is simply placing a towel under the back elbow of each hitter. Each batsman then threw a few soft balls at them one at a time. Each batsman is then trained to rotate his trunk to catch the ball and keep the towel from falling out from under him. their elbows. They are quickly acquired after a few exercises. This is a good and cheap exercise.

Another drill is the balanced wood drill. Using a flat 60-inch 4×4 on the ground, have players hit the ball off the tee or bounce it to see if their swing is balanced. It also shows you if they are coming out of the batter’s box.

I use a soft throw all season long. Try purchasing a batting net to set up wherever you go during the season. By using a soft touch you can look at the player’s rotation to see if they are moving correctly. All other hitting stations work a different part of the swing. Soft launch where you can see the progress of the stations.


Baseball skills are learned through repetition. We must be careful not to get bored, but by keeping the stop time to 15 minutes. Have players rush from station to station. While others are manning the stations, the manager can go from station to station to observe and praise the players. Stop at the station and intervene if necessary.

After all the players have rotated through the stations, take a water break and go over the basics of the drill again. Also preview what they will do next and praise their efforts in previous exercises. Coach actually show the upcoming drills and what to show Ask questions from the players if necessary, but don’t stray from the topic. 90 minutes goes by quickly.

Be sure to praise players who perform exercises correctly for their skill level. Remember that not all players have the same skill level, but all players need constant praise and encouragement.

The 90-minute workout does not include a 15-minute warm-up session and warm-up time. Please, parents, tell the kids to come 15 minutes early, or if you’re really on the ball, just schedule practice time 15 minutes earlier.

Note: Coaches MUST arrive early for games and practices!

Parents will not bring players to games and training early if they see the coaches and manager arriving late. Set an example now!

My son had a coach who would always be there when we arrived and we were usually 30 minutes early for practice and 1 hour early for games. We only arrived twice before him and that was because we were leaving even earlier than usual. there is no problem with being late in that team.

Going to games early also helps to get good dugout sides if they are not marked. You can view field conditions during uncertain weather. If required or permitted, you may work in the field. Communicate it to others by phone so they are not late. This shows the other team that you mean business, it can give you a bit of a psychological advantage.


The session is scheduled for 12 noon

1150 or earlier – you come to make sure everything is set, bases, tires, equipment, etc…

1145- Players line up in hopes, they are separated in parallel lines at a distance of 20-35 feet, depending on age. Begin the warm-up using proper mechanics. Any downfalls must be picked up and returned to the lane. This avoids the fall from further away.

12 practice Noon calls to order. Check out which stations are set up and which adults are running them. Divide the players as evenly as possible, separate friends or siblings.

If this is their 1st experience using the stations, please demonstrate to the children what you want at each station.

Station 1 Parma named after Fly

The players line up, the coach throws a type of football pass over the player’s shoulder for him to catch. Return the ball to the coach from outside the line to avoid collisions between players. do this for 10 minutes.

Station 2 Fly drill with tennis balls

Using a tennis racket, hit fly balls into a single file line of players, one at a time. Players must use 2 hands with tennis balls or they will be difficult to catch. do this for 10 minutes.

3 bucket drilling station 5gal

Set up a 5-gal bucket on the home plate or anywhere else you like. Place the players in a single file line, throw them a grounder or fly ball, try to throw the baseball into the bucket using the correct throwing techniques. Of course, depending on age, place the bucket at least 100′ away. Do this for 10 minutes.

Station 4 Drilling cut off man

Have the players rotate as the cut man, throw or hit the ball by the outside defender, have them chase them, then catch the ball, using good throwing form, hit the cut man. Turn after each throw. 10 minutes.

1245 hours

Take a break, review how the exercises went. Surround the children with the players a little and be very positive. Highlight all the good things you see first, then maybe touch on what needs to be done. Above all, be positive and have fun.

1250 hours

Divide into 2 groups, 1 in 3, the other in 1. Single-file liners allow players to field multiple grounders and pop-ups, and have coaches or catchers throw each baseline 15-20 feet up. 10 minutes.


Place the players in or close to normal positions. Bring 2-3 players to shoot. Give each player 7 turns and then turn to the next shot. Each player hits 2 times, then goes out and hits the ball. After the second hit, call another player. Always have 1-2 players ready to bat and everyone ready to take a ball between the batters.

125 o’clock

Call the team, go over everything and announce the time of practice or the next game. Thanks to everyone for the promptness, especially the parents.


There are many ways to do the exercise, I’ve given you a basic format that you can modify however you see fit. Don’t just get stuck doing the same thing over and over again. Diversity is the gift of life, and the same is true for baseball.

Sometimes you will have full field or batting practices. Plan as many practices as the team families can endure before the season begins. After the season starts, have the team arrive 1 hour before game time for batting and fielding practice.


Experience makes your team better. Effective, well-executed practices will do even more. Players develop their skills faster when you do different exercises. Always encourage hard work in your games. The most important thing is to be positive and have fun.

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