Reasons Why College Football Players Should Not Be Paid Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Should College Athletes Be Paid?

College sports bring in big dollars every year at the major college level. These programs bring in $30 and sometimes $40 million a year to universities and colleges, and the players get nothing. These are the same players who break their backs day in and day out for the university and they don’t get their share of the money and I don’t think it’s fair. I know what you’re thinking: these student-athletes are getting free tuition at that university, or they’re on scholarship to play ball. In my opinion, this is the least they can do.

When I watch college football on Saturdays and see stadiums full of cheering fans paying big bucks for tickets, I say, what business out there can run a company and not pay its workers? You think I’m talking about some third world country! Pay players now, please!

Think about it: most college coaches earn six salaries—major college programs and junior programs. Some of these college coaches get shoe deals, some get television and radio deals, and many other perks along the way. Also, if they are a good coach and win games, they will be offered another coaching job with bigger money and bigger benefits! Student athletes are not getting anything, and to me, something needs to be done about it. Please pay players now!

They continue to tell you that athletes have free tuition, free books, free room and board, and the opportunity to get a good college education that lasts a lifetime. So what! Pay the players! I see all this college work as slave labor! Coaches make a lot of money off the backs of these players. You hear stories about college athletes getting paid or getting paid. You’ll hear these stories of players winning cars and cash, you’ll hear stories of players getting away with all that and more. You hear about the families of the players getting cars and houses to attend this college program. It goes on secretly all the time!

Why do players get this money and cars and houses for their families and so on? Well, one reason is recruitment; Some college programs feel that they must offer these things in order to get major college applicants. Some college programs (not all) have to give something to get these kids. Some of these players come from poor families, so it’s a big deal for these kids to get some money, especially if the players and their families don’t have money anyway.

Being a college athlete is tough. First of all, the amount of hours these players put in is huge – every day of every week. They are in class all day and after practice they have dinner if they can and then they study. Now all of this may sound simple to you, but the amount of time these student athletes put in is enormous. Then the coaches want more. There may be film for training, and there are times when an athletic trainer watches them. As a student athlete, you must focus on your studies and athletic performance, or they will try to get rid of you.

College sports are tough. Sometimes at the end of the day you are tired and don’t feel like studying or if they have any training schedule for the players, you may not be able to concentrate at all and most of the time your attention is elsewhere. Just think of the millions of people who go to work every day. They work long hours and may travel to and from home. I believe the last thing people want to do is spend extra hours doing more work. Most workers want to relax, maybe drink beer and watch TV and call it a day. The big difference is they get paid for the service and the time and college ball players aren’t.

Most college student athletes do not earn college degrees and one of the reasons is their practices and games. There is so much pressure to do well that something falls apart, and that’s what their training is all about. College coaches are known to value their student athletes and academics as long as that player can help them win games.

For most college athletes, once their talent is used up, college programs no longer need their services. Why them? For 4 years these college programs worked these young men and women to death every day. College programs got everything they could get from these players and then some. At the college level or at any level, it’s just about winning games and making big money.

Look at baseball; if a high school baseball player is really good, he may be offered a contract with a major league baseball team. Sometimes the offer is 200,000 dollars, and I heard up to 2 million dollars. Now, if that high school baseball player takes that money, they’re out of college. Some high school baseball players spend money to attend college, where they can improve, improve their baseball skills, and get drafted again by a major league team. Many high school baseball players get paid and take advantage of the opportunity to try out in the major leagues. Many players never make it to the top tier. Some play in the minor leagues for years only to realize that their dream of playing in the big leagues is not going to happen and they move on to something else.

Once you get that money, you can’t go back and try to play baseball in college. The same applies to all other sports. You’ll have high school basketball players trying to make it to the NBA; You have young people trying out for the NFL. Many of these athletes never had the opportunity to study, and many of those who attended college never received their degrees.

College athletes struggle with their academics. Many do not graduate and some drop out altogether. College sports aren’t for everyone and many student athletes don’t cut it, so pay the players! Pay them something for all their time and effort!

When these college programs play in bowl games and make millions on the backs of the players and the players still get nothing, it’s wrong. When it’s March Madness time for college basketball and millions of people are glued to their TVs for hours every day and the players give it their all – they still get nothing!

Why is it difficult to pay players? Schools make millions of dollars either way. This isn’t Mexico or China where workers are paid $1.00 an hour to make billions for some corporation – you know slave labor!

Why do you think players get money from so many outside sources? Why are players removed from the team for violating team rules? Why are college programs put on probation? It’s all about money. You have a lot of players who come from poor backgrounds, their families don’t have money. If these poor young athletes had to pay for college out of pocket, most would not be in college at all.

Some student athletes come from areas where the education system is not very good. Their school districts are underfunded and mismanaged. For many student-athletes, their way out is to study on a full athletic scholarship. Playing sports is their future. Many student athletes focus solely on athletics, thinking that one day they will be good enough to play in the pros. So when money dangles in front of some student athletes, the temptation must be overwhelming!

Over the years we have heard stories of players and coaches getting into trouble over money. We’ve heard of cases of entire college programs being killed by the NCAA because of paying players. Why do they do this? Why is money a problem? One reason is that it’s easy to get certain types of players from certain types of backgrounds. Major college programs can only survive with major college players to pay them. We all know that paying college athletes is wrong (mandated by NCAA guidelines). But this rule needs to be changed now.

If college athletes receive scholarships, they may be paid. If players get paid, I’m sure you’ll have more college athletes graduate because there’s a stronger incentive to work in the classroom. Bigger universities pay college coaches more based on their performance, and players should get paid as well.

If the players get paid then this corruption will stop. No more paid players, no more college players selling their shoes, no more college players getting paid big bucks to work a few hours. It’s tough out there for a student athlete! Did you know that a non-scholar athlete can get a job to earn extra money and can work around their schedule, but a student athlete cannot have a job until the end of the school year and there are restrictions on the type of work they can do. can have

In the game of college sports, the rules aren’t fair to college student athletes! The playing field is not level. Pay the players!

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