What Channel Is The Football Game On Right Now Being a "Contrarian" When Coaching Youth Football

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Being a "Contrarian" When Coaching Youth Football

Moving up while coaching youth soccer

Many “mature” youth soccer programs that have been in existence for 10 years or more have established characteristics. It is often the case that some of these clubs have their own identity or even a “brand”. Most leagues are made up of different identifiable “brands” or clubs. Each of them has its own personality and behavior.

Most youth soccer leagues are made up of a variety of these unique “brands.” Between the coaches of different clubs, there is often a friendly and sometimes almost unfriendly and unhealthy competition.

The nature of the beast

As most of you coaches know, it takes some time and effort to maintain a youth football program. While most of the “heavy lifting” is done by “parent coaches”, there needs to be continuity in order for there to be long-term stability, and that means some leaders who stay out of the “lifetime” of their children’s involvement. Unfortunately, for most organizations, these types of resources are somewhat limited. Thank God we have to start from scratch every few years without these people.

Unfortunately, SOME of those who have been around a long time bring with them unnecessary baggage that actually hinders the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission. Some of these good coaches will coach against you and they don’t like change or anything that shows their organization in a bad light. They will always be your biggest critics. Any “change” means they have to learn how to defend against a new scheme or defend against methods they haven’t seen before.

Being a little different

My own teams are the most filmed, studied and talked about in the league we play in because we do something different, we consistently score a lot of points and consistently win. I’m sure those opposing coaches are getting tired of hearing from parents; “Why can’t we run or score like the Eagles do? Or why don’t we have those exciting football plays like the Eagles? Or why can’t you get the ball to as many players as the Eagles. Or why our kids can’t defend like eagles and settle and play? They get tired of hearing it and sometimes their frustration and embarrassment show. Unfortunately, if these coaches can’t stop you, they often try to cheapen you or become the king of excuses. .

We hear lots of great stories from you coaches via email, phone and in person at clinics. That’s probably the most fun part of this job, listening to these amazing stories and in some cases being able to help in a small way. Some of the situations you have to deal with are, in my opinion, very difficult and stupid. In youth football, at many levels, there is often self-righteousness and patronage. While there are fantastic leagues with great people and dedicated kids all over the country, on the other hand, there are also small minded, selfish and jealous “human obstacles”.

Over the past few months, I have worked in several private clinics, working with several quality organizations and several groups of outstanding coaches. Coaches who weren’t just big X’s and O’s, but guys who were in youth football for the right reasons. Some of the things I saw: teams full of kids all coming back to play (great retention numbers), passionate coaches, open and committed coaching staffs. They were generally respected and liked by their children, a very easy group of children to work with. You could just tell the kids loved playing, they couldn’t wait to start soccer practice and hated it when practice was over. In fact, a group of coaches managed to get a group of 20 or so players together overnight for the next day’s practice. It was tough in the middle of baseball and lacrosse season, you know they’re doing something right when they can do it.

Youth football drama

A story I have to share with you that was told to me in an “out of hours” discussion at one of these clinics I was recently told by a trainer who installed our system for the first time last year:. After our classroom clinic and field demonstrations, we went to a local restaurant for lunch with the coaching staff. One of the show’s coaches shared some very funny stories with the group in a very animated way during their first season on My Offense. Last season, he was scouting an opponent for a game and overheard several coaches of the next week’s opponent talking about their team. The opposing coaches didn’t know our friend was the coach because they unknowingly bragged to him how they were going to beat his team the next week. These opposing coaches seemed to revel in how easily they could stop this “silly” offense and blow up the “corner” game and everything else. and how it couldn’t possibly work against their defense. In fact, these coaches engaged our friend in a conversation, showing him how the linemen come down and connect, and again mocking the truth for a moment. . The next week, when they saw this coach come out to introduce the coaches and flip the coin.

Our friend is quite the storyteller, he’s one of those guys who’s all laughs and can keep you on the edge of your seat, you know the guy, the life of the party. As he told stories, he was a flurry of activity, standing, sitting, moving around the table, hands shaking, voice rising and falling, and of course lots of smiling and laughing. The results of the game were almost as interesting as how the story was told. When the game started, our friend got a little fired up and decided that he would start a crooked game to see if this other team really had all the answers to support their coaches. The first offensive kick went 70 yards for a touchdown, the coach was smiling a little and very happy. After holding the other team to a 3-and-out, the next play for our friends’ team: you guessed it, a 63-yard field goal. Our hero was glowing from the inside, throwing his fist in the air, he was silent about what he didn’t know, but from the outside he was calm and confident, maybe a knowing smile appeared on his face.

He considered making every play in the first half to prove a point, but was the better man and avoided what could have been a very interesting act. It was 35-0 at half-time and our champion called in the dogs to make it a 42-7 final. At the end of his story, I joined the crowd in roaring laughter that was probably loud enough to startle a few of the restaurant’s patrons. Thank God it was Florida and we were in a very poor place that this group frequented. I think I laughed so hard that part of my lungs are still on the floor somewhere in that restaurant. These weren’t his only critics, his team eventually finished 14-1. They beat at least 7 teams with far more talent than his team based on the game footage I watched. It was a magical season by a youth football team that lacked a winning tradition and excellent coaching.

While I have met some of the coaching staff on this team a few times (very high quality guys), I have never met this coach. Our introduction includes a warm heterosexual embrace, something that comes from sharing a bond or shared experience. I’m always a little surprised by the warm welcome from people I’ve never met. But, being a Midwesterner, for me that’s one of the biggest benefits of what I do.

Know that it may come your way

Be prepared, that’s what I’m trying to convey to you. When you don’t do what most of the teams in your league do, you can be the target of a few shots. If you have more talent than anyone in your league, it makes a lot of sense to do what everyone else is doing if it makes you happy. But when you’re not fit, when you don’t have the best talent, how can you compete in the same race as most of your competitors? When you score as many points and win as many games as many of our teams, or most of our teams, unfortunately some people have jealous teeth. Stay on track, but know that these bumps may come your way.

After all, many of the curious and critics of our hero in this story are now taking his team seriously. When you achieve success, no matter how much someone wants it, it’s impossible to ignore. The teams in this club that ran our system went 23-1 overall and now the other teams in the club are trying to adopt some of what they are doing. I know this coach is forever grateful to the coach (KMJ) who brought this system to this organization. I’m sure the parents are happy that the coach was open enough to listen to the coach (KMJ) who did the research. learned and brought the system to his attention. Mind you, I am not taking credit for this teams success, the coaches and players did a simple job, their performance was almost flawless.

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