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Metal Gear Solid 4 Review – Stealth Action Suffers Due to Ridiculously Overdone Story

Metal Gear Solid 4

Score: 6.0

System: PS3

Genre: Action, Mystery

Publisher: Konami

Developer: Kojima Productions

Date of publication: 6/12/08

Duration: 25 hours

Difficulty: 5


– Creative and diverse elements, including stealth, on-rails shooting and hand-to-hand combat

– Outstanding graphics, sound and production values

– All movies and codecs can be dropped


– Almost half of the disc (it can’t even be called a game anymore) consists of sitting and watching movies and talking about codecs

– Replay is not difficult

– Several minute installation parts were messed up during the game

Before I start, I should mention that I love stealth games. There is such a great sense of satisfaction in sneaking up behind a large force and taking them down individually while the rest of the company is unaware of your existence. I really loved the first Metal Gear Solid, which was a major title on the PS1. The Splinter Cell series has explained the stealth series in its vision and is probably a direct comparison to the Meta Gear Solid series. Well, let’s review.

The Patriots are a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream for a group that controls private armies that fight to support arms manufacturing corporations. Liquid is trying to destroy the Patriots to create chaos around the world. Premature aging leaves Solid Snake in a deadly state as he hunts and tries to stop his nemesis Liquid Snake one last time.

The real million dollar question is whether there are any games on the disc. About half of the 25 hours of gameplay is spent watching movies and listening to the codec. John Carmack, the lead programmer of many popular holiday games, summed it up best when he said: “The story in the game is like the story of a pornographic film. It’s expected to be there, but it doesn’t really matter.” If games are designed to interact with controllers, why don’t we allow them to be used for such long stretches? The answer? Hideo Kojima loves movies. He needs to show them for Hollywood in theaters, not in interactive media.

His stories are extremely engaging and detailed. He wastes no time discussing people’s relationships, who is married to whom, and how they are coping with cancer. You’ll wonder if you’re watching or playing The Young and the Restless. There are too many details and dialogue to explain the plot, which really isn’t that complicated. Even though the story is somewhat interesting, humorous, and tries to pull your emotional strings, it just falls flat. Get over yourself, Kojima!

His work served the cinema audience better. Unfortunately, he found a way to control a large part of the players so that his games are constantly just sitting on their backs and watching movies. The CIA and FBI should really look into how he managed to do this. I think the irony is that his conspiracy theory stories are true. He is slowly controlling everyone through subliminal messages in his films. We need someone to take him down before this!

Many parts of movies are like watching the end of a football game. “2 more minutes and I’m taking out the trash, honey!” it slowly and inevitably turns into 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc., it’s so funny that the game developers know this and are passionate about it. One character actually asks you to put the controller down while he’s talking. They have the courage to show that they are not playing anymore. Why do people live with this tripe?!? In exchange for pre-release review copies on larger sites, even Konami acknowledged the length of the scene problem and requested that pre-release reviews not mention the problem.

Fortunately, you can skip all the parts of the movie and go straight to the action. You miss the story, but after watching all the movies I can’t recommend it to anyone who values ​​their time. Only commendable films are at the end of the five main stages.

What about the little action left for the players? The actual gameplay related parts aren’t half bad. Surprisingly, there are many variants that have been updated with stealth, on-rails shooting sections and hand-to-hand combat. There are great weapons to customize and trade. The remote OctoCamo and Metal Gear MKII drones provide alternative ways to get through some of the more tedious sections.

The main problem is that the gameplay is not enough and it doesn’t differ much from the previous games in the series. You can play the game as a first-person shooter, but there are already too many of these types of games. The stealth aspect of the game hasn’t changed much since the first MGS. Hand-to-hand combat is new, but not too different from other games already available. Even if you skip the movies, you get a sub-par game.

This final entry in the series also introduces mental and stress counters. I welcome the new innovations, but I didn’t fully understand the features. The stress gauge seems to increase when you are not in good cover or in combat. A snake with a high pressure gauge is supposed to be more error prone, but I’ve never noticed a difference. Low mental level should be a problem, but it never affects the game. Maybe these counters are needed on higher difficulties. I was able to play using the AI ​​and simple game patterns without paying attention to them.

Solid Snake needs more moves to fight such advanced enemies. As mentioned, the most comparable game to Metal Gear is Splinter Cell. Each new addition to the Splinter Cell series adds new moves to Sam’s repertoire. He can climb overturned pillars and break the enemy’s neck. He can hang from the railing under the enemy and drag him to his death. He swims under water, cuts through all the ice and pulls enemies down. He whistles to get the guard’s attention, then dispatches the guards one by one. What happens when Sam sees the shadow of the enemy in the tent? She cuts a hole with her knife, sneaks up behind him, and takes him down.

Snake may be an old dog, but he’s learned a few new tricks for his final bow. He has several new fighting moves to throw, kill and knock out guards. Snake can also hold a guard hostage and search him (thankfully no anal probe). There are a number of weapons along with several ways to customize them. It’s just a wonder why more haven’t been implemented over the past decade.

While these new moves are appreciated, gamers have been waiting for more advancements in the series for a decade. Why can’t the Snake make better use of its environment? Why aren’t we fascinated by the wider ways of dispatching enemies? Why aren’t there more than 4-5 types of main enemies (excluding bosses)? Why didn’t Kojima do this? He spends all his time on his silly movies and this is the answer. This is a game. Instead of watching every weird thing that happens during the movies, add new ways to interact. I want to do some amazing action during those short scenes. The more I saw that I couldn’t make an impact, the more frustrated I became.

The game consists of five main stages. The movies start you off in the war-torn region of the Middle East. You are in the middle of some huge war zones where multiple forces are fighting each other. If you’re patient, you can take advantage of each side’s subsequent weaknesses. The setting is refreshingly different from the usual Solid Snake one-man army against a squadron of sentinels and vision cones that the series has become known for. The combat environment is not unique, as it has been recreated many times since the first Half-Life.

The second stage is located in a typical South American jungle, which we have all seen countless times. We will take it. The producers liked Rambo 2. Please skip hiding the motif in the forest. The mid- and post-game sections provide a sort of welcome to the game. The various parts of the game make it clear that Kojima and his team have a ton of talent. The world would be a better place if they would just spend it on filling the games with more gameplay rather than simple movies.

No action game would be complete without boss battles. Snake will defeat numerous bosses, all of which are unique, different and located in a cool environment. Although none of them will be difficult for you. The main problem is that you spend a large portion of your time working on your inventory and weapons in the middle of combat, not actually fighting. It really fits with the theme of the game. The game wants to remove you from any interaction as much as possible. Even truly interactive sections contain many sections that are not interactive.

Of course, this is PS3, so you’ll have to endure a few minutes of installation before the game even loads. But wait there’s more. Act now and we’ll throw in a few more installation parts before each step. Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee on this. It all comes to a slow and hopefully final conclusion with an even more obvious slap in the face. The game ends with a ninety minute movie to complete the series. Well, you love your character and your story. We will take it.

It’s not that I don’t love a good interesting story. I just think it could have been done better with voice acting that allows simultaneous play, like in Bioshock or Splinter Cell. Games should always try to include as much interaction as possible. Just take us out of the game for a few minutes and make it worth it. I’m not against the game including an intense short movie after every few levels to “reward” you for getting through an intense and difficult section. If the excellent cutscenes at the end of each main level were the only non-game sections in the game, the final product would be much better.

The graphics in games and movies are beautiful. The only issue is the obvious use of brown and gray colors. I know the solid snake is gray now, but does the world have to be too?

The music is both moving during the dramatic sequences and powerful during the action sequences. Things need to boom, boom with satisfying bass. The surround sound is very well done to immerse you in the intense battle zone and the careful and intense stealth parts. The very realistic gunshots remind me of the beginning of Saving Private Ryan. Yes, they are that good.

It turns out that the bigger sites praise Metal Gear Solid and other high-profile games because their reviews are bought by the publisher’s huge advertising budgets. “Give us a perfect score or we’ll lose our ads!” We know we are not alone in recognizing this problem. Well, PoweredUpGamers is not a biased site. Our review may differ from other sites, but we do not operate from their positively skewed scale, which rarely falls below 7. If we don’t enjoy the game, despite the hype, it gets a low rating.

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