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Juice Plus Review

Is Juice Plus a scam?

Juice Plus is a supplement that has been around since 1993. I once looked at the product as a possible source of nutritional benefits for my family. I even wanted to become a distributor to earn residual income because many people like you and me are looking for ways to improve their nutrition. I’m not outright saying that Juice Plus is a scam. I have looked closely at many business opportunities, especially health related companies, and I will say that there are many scam companies out there. I think Juice Plus is really one of the best companies out there, but in my search for the best source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and general nutritional supplements… a little research informed me that Juice Plus+ is not for me. Let me tell you why I decided it wasn’t for me.

Juice Plus Company

Juice Plus is manufactured by Natural Alternatives International in Santa Monica, California and distributed by National Safety Associates (NSA) in Tennessee. NSA was started in 1970 and before the introduction of Juice Plus, it was known for other multivitamin products in the market. Juice Plus Scam? No, they’re just a smart company that seems to be following decades of business trends. Do you remember all those water filter companies that were popular in the 1980s? Well, this company sold home fire detectors when they were popular in the 70s, water filters in the early 80s, and air filters in the late 80s. They also sold educational games at the same time.

While some companies have done poorly with multi-level marketing in the past, there is nothing wrong with using the sales distribution method known as multi-level marketing. If done right, it can benefit people more than traditional marketing, save money, and can also help a lot of people who have never heard about the product reach the product.

So, from a business perspective, it looks like they have the right idea. They follow trends.

Juice Plus products

Their main product is Juice Plus, which is not actually a juice, but a capsule powder. This is better than juice because juice additives such as the popular Acai Berry Juice, Noni Juice, Mona Vie or Mangosteen Juice products tend to oxidize as soon as the bottle is opened. This oxidation of liquid is harmful to the body. Juice Plus Blend contains great ingredients derived from fruits such as acerola berries, apples, cranberries, oranges, papayas, peaches, and pineapples. Juice Plus+ contains vegetables derived from barley, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cabbage, oats, parsley, spinach and tomatoes. So, to answer the Juice Plus scam question, I would say that there is no Juice Plus scam because they sell real products with decent ingredients.

It’s common knowledge that by increasing your fruit and vegetable intake each day, you can improve your health and well-being. Eating more fruits and vegetables actually helps your body to rid cells of free radicals as well as being a natural antioxidant in the body. I just don’t feel like this product has enough fruits and vegetables in it, that’s all for me.

Some delicious challenges

Juice Plus Gummies for kids have been found to contain approximately 80% corn syrup and 10% bovine gelatin, making the product almost nutritionally void. So these are no better than the gummy vitamin/mineral bears you can buy at your local grocery store. Both are basically just candy!

I suspect their other products are probably more food grade than this, but I’ve seen other issues that put me to shame.

The biggest problem

I couldn’t find any product labels on their site.

The biggest problem I saw was that in all my browsing through their company website, I could not find any product labels for any of their products! What are they trying to hide? Of course, they list several fruits and vegetables, but they don’t say how much of each fruit they use. They don’t show you the nutrition facts so you can see how much sugar and natural or artificial ingredients are in each product.

I didn’t like that I had to buy the product to see the product labels.

Some other problems I’ve seen…

1. The products were not unique enough

2. Research and science were not enough

3. There were few certificates

4. The products were not manufactured to a high enough standard to warrant me paying extra for them.

5. Not all of their ingredients were organic and/or plant-based.

Juice Plus Research

One thing that caught my attention when evaluating Juice Plus was that the product was at least featured in scientific journals such as the Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Nutrition Research, Journal of Nutrition was human and dietetics and integrative. Medicine.

But wait a second! I soon learned that only one of the published peer-reviewed studies had been independently conducted! All others are sponsored and/or authored by the manufacturer, main distributor or individual Juice Plus distributors. It made me a little sad!

Juice Plus Certificates

One major mistake that was made was the selection of former professional football player OJ Simpson as a celebrity endorser of the product. Simpson was awarded a multi-year, six-figure contract to sign with the NSA as the company’s symbol. I personally love to see a company that has a product that is so good that star athletes use the supplement on their own, simply because they love the added benefits and benefits they get from using it. .

OJ Simpson’s testimony was thrown out even more after he was accused of murdering his wife and friend Ronald Goldman. In March 1994, shortly before the murders took place, he was filmed telling 4,000 Juice Plus distributors at a sales meeting that Juice Plus+ had cured his arthritis, improved his golf game and eliminated the need for prescription drugs. relieved arthritis. However, his defense attorneys at his 1995 criminal trial and 1997 civil trial (and in his 2007 book, If I Did It) all suggested that Simpson was so disabled by arthritis that he committed the murders. could not They also said Simpson was taking various anti-inflammatory drugs, such as sulfasalazine and ibuprofen. Well, these may be what improved his arthritis enough to allow him to have a perfect golf game.

My conclusion

In short, I saw them as a health product and as a second source of income because they use a residual income model that I like. To answer the question is Juice Plus a scam? No, I don’t believe Juice Plus is a scam, but Juice Plus just wasn’t for me. You have to do your research. I found an alternative that I am very happy with.

A perfect alternative

A supplement used by hundreds of Olympic athletes!

I have found an alternative to Juice Plus that I really like! While just looking for health products to help my family with some health issues, I came across a great opportunity to get paid to share a product that I really love. Help others feel good about their health and energy. Become a wellness distributor! It’s fun, rewarding, and can pay you back a nice residual income after a few years of hard work.

Everyone wants good health and more energy. Have you ever heard of glycutrients? Improve your well-being. And since glyconutrients are so new and easy for anyone to incorporate into their diet regularly, the demand for glyconutrient distributors is increasing. If you want to be a local representative for an additional stream of residual income, then come talk to me. I have been taking glyconutrient supplements for several years now and am extremely happy with my energy, immune system and amazing health.

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