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Finding Your Niche – Part Two

In the first of nine posts on how to find your niche in the marketplace, I wrote about the importance of understanding and applying the concept of spiritual gifts. As mentioned in the introduction to this short series, I have listed nine aspects of a person’s life that contribute to that person’s place. These nine aspects are:

  1. Spiritual gifts
  2. Natural talent
  3. Acquired knowledge
  4. Experiential knowledge
  5. Observational knowledge
  6. Client
  7. Motivators
  8. Drivers
  9. love

This particular article will discuss the importance of natural talent. Every aspect of your life is affected by a combination of factors that fall on the nurture/nature spectrum. The spectrum of upbringing depends on the environment in which you were brought up, and the spectrum of nature depends on your unique personality. These two dynamics are a constant presence in your life and they shape the parameters of your niche.

Natural talent

A natural talent is an area of ​​activity in which you naturally excel in a temporary sense. Where a spiritual gift is how you are equipped on a spiritual level, your natural talent is how you are equipped on a physical level. You don’t necessarily need additional training to succeed in areas where you have natural talent. If you excel at analysis, your niche may be strategic problem solving. You may find that having a natural inclination to break down complex problems into understandable parts fits well into the world of scientific research or computer science. Someone else who excels in English or grammar may find a position as a speaker, writer, or teacher. No one aspect of the nine places completely defines you. The process of discovering and understanding how these aspects fit together will help focus your attention on where you will have the most impact. Your sign often depends on the areas of your life where you have natural talent. Since you do these things seemingly effortlessly, you will tend to migrate towards your natural talents. Natural talent can be described as your strengths. Everyone experiences four dynamics as they move through life. Everyone has strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. One way to discover your natural talent is to do a SWOT analysis.

SWOT analysis is a business tool used by corporations to understand their environment. It is also a key tool in determining the value brought by the corporation to the market. The goal of doing a personal SWOT analysis is to maximize your strengths, minimize the impact of your weaknesses, take advantage of your opportunities, and minimize the threats you can foresee. It is in identifying your strengths that you will discover your natural talent. A natural talent is a specific ability that requires little or no effort on your part, but in most cases, you will achieve what you set your mind to. However, you have to be careful because having natural talent can lead you to focus more on making the most of your talent in a limited market and therefore fail to define your niche. When you focus too much on the broader talent and don’t use that talent to define your niche, you fall into the talent trap. The talent trap believes that your talent can only be expressed in an action or in an arena that finds itself in a wide market. This trap is often seen in athletics. There are many examples of an athlete who has excelled in a sport he has trained for all his life, gets injured or is not given the opportunity to realize his full potential, and ends up struggling to find a suitable place.

The latest example of talent trap can be seen in the life of Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow was a first round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. He won two NCAA football national championships at Florida State and is the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. He won the Davey O’Brien Award as the nation’s top college quarterback, the James E. Sullivan has been named the most outstanding athlete in any sport, and he is a two-time winner of the Maxwell Award as the nation’s top college football player. His natural talent as an athlete on the football field is unmistakable. However, the emergence of this talent playing the quarterback position did not go over well in the NFL. Tim struggled to meet the demands of the quarterback position. My wife and I have often discussed Tim’s promise and wondered if he could have had a better ending. Looking at his NFL career alone, one has to wonder if quarterback is the only position Thiem could have excelled at. Maybe he has found his niche as a tight end? His natural talent made him athletic, and Florida capitalized on that talent by drafting him as a quarterback. A very powerful quarterback, running. While at Florida, he certainly excelled as a quarterback, but in the NFL his ability as a quarterback was questioned. His mechanics did not quite fit the mold. Analysts and coaches doubted his ability to succeed. As much as Tim Tebow wanted to be an NFL quarterback, his niche was definitely being a quarterback. This is a talent trap. Sometimes a person may have natural talent and excel in a particular field. However, that person believes that he can only excel in this field. A talent trap can cause you to think about your niche. Therefore, you must be willing to consider opportunities outside of your comfort zone. Natural talent is an intangible quality that can be applied to a number of potential positions within a larger field.

The surest way to avoid the talent trap is to gather enough information about your strengths so that you can make the most of your natural talent until your niche shines. There are two ways to determine the areas in which you naturally excel. First, ask as many people who know you through family relationships, work, and social situations to name for you the areas in which they think you are naturally strong. A simple question, “What do you see as my three best qualities?” does the job. Second, you can go online and find a free strength test that asks you questions about your preferences. Steve Jobs said: “Your work will fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” If you are operating outside of your natural talents (strengths), you will always be searching for your place among the thorns and briars of life. You need to get into good soil where you can grow and get food. Your natural gifts and talents are the foundation of your niche. These are the aspects of your life that are given to you. They are not genetic, they are not something you acquire as you mature, they are derived from a source that is not innate to your existence.

As you take inventory of your life, you will notice that these nine aspects begin to layer upon each other to create a beautiful tapestry that is uniquely woven together to create your niche. At this point you should look broadly at the landscape of opportunities to start narrowing. When you identify and understand the abilities you naturally possess, you will be better equipped to focus your energy on moving forward. Everyone has at least one skill that they can do with little or no effort. That would be his natural talent. I recommend that you take the time to identify this talent. You want to avoid climbing the ladder of building a business only to find out when you reach the top that you leaned the ladder against the wrong wall. Be patient with yourself as you develop in your given environments and you will effortlessly learn where you excel. You may find that your spiritual gifts and natural talents match. If so, each aspect of your life will reinforce the other. When this happens, you are on the right track. For example, someone who has a natural talent for teaching, understanding, and the word of knowledge, and for analyzing and solving complex problems may find that being a strategic consultant or personal development coach is a good fit.

As you continue to put the puzzle pieces together, the focus narrows and your niche becomes clear. Finding your niche requires introspective study. You must become your own disciple. Identify your spiritual gifts. Do a SWOT analysis and focus on identifying, understanding and applying your strengths. This is the first step to putting the puzzle together. The next three aspects of your life will build the structure that will begin to shape the magnitude of your influence. There are three levels of knowledge that narrow your focus on the broader market. I will discuss these three forms of knowledge (acquired knowledge, experiential knowledge, and observational knowledge) in detail over the next three articles.

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