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African Youth – Beware Of Negative Application Of ICT Tools

Today’s letter is addressed to the modern African youth, especially those who are lucky

have acquired some kind of knowledge in the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) tools and unfortunately use such tools for negative purposes.

Above all, they should pay attention to this profound Tanzanian proverb that says: “If you are taller than your father, it does not mean that you are smarter than him!” Another Ghanaian proverb advises us: “If your mother tells you a story, don’t tell her that you know from your mother whether the old woman’s words are true or false.” All right!


Once there lived a learned man named Professor Kweku Ananse. Professor Kweku Ananse was so full of himself that he declared himself the smartest man on earth. Indeed, he liked to beat his chest to brag: “I am the smartest man on this ignorant planet. Even

wiser than the Creator who created the world.

Then, in order to preserve his wisdom, he went and bought a clay pot just for himself. Because he did not want to give his wisdom to someone else, he put all his wisdom in a pot, closed it and sealed it with cement. Professor Kweku Ananse tied a rope to the pot and hung it around his neck. With this strategy, Prof. Kweku Ananse has been able to hang his pot of wisdom on his chest wherever he goes like an Olympic gold medal. Even when he was swimming in the river, he didn’t take his pot off his neck, let alone his bed.

One day Professor Kweku Ananse went to his farm in the morning and said that there was no need to carry water. – After all, I’m not thirsty now, why should I bring water to my head so that the little kids will make fun of me? he said proudly. After 12 noon, Professor Kweku Ananse noticed that he was dying of thirst. He decided to go home quickly to drink water. On the way he saw a coconut tree and said, “Oh! I must plant a coconut to quench my thirst.”

Professor Kweku Ananse thought that if he puts the pot on the ground and walks on it

The coconut tree, when he landed, someone might have come to take his pot of wisdom. So he tried to push the pot in front of him into the coconut tree. When he tried to hug the coconut tree, his hands could not go around the tree because of the pot between the trunk and the coconut tree. For over three hours, Professor Kweku Ananse fought and fought; she was sweating like a pregnant fish, but she could not climb the tree. Finally, he passed out and fell to the ground. The pot weighed on his chest and balanced him as he lay flat on the floor.

She was panting. When he was about to die of thirst, a seven-year-old boy named Kojo Nyanza appeared on the scene. He was on his way back from school. When he saw the old man moaning and dying under the pot of wisdom, he was filled with compassion for him. Kojo was taught at school that they should have compassion for people living with HIV/AIDS. Thus, he said to himself: “I should have mercy on this poor man.” So, the little boy rushed to help the “professor”. Kojo Nyansah knelt next to Professor Kweku Ananse and wanted to know what the problem was and if he could help. Professor Kweku Ananse suddenly opened his eyes wide and told the little boy about his fate. He lamented bitterly that he was dying of thirst and begged for help.

Kojo Nyansakh did not waste time, put his hands in his pocket and took out his mobile phone. He quickly called the number “zero, zero, six times and one” (0000001). This was the Creator of the number of the universe. After a brief interaction with the Creator, the boy approached Professor Kweku Ananse and said to him, “Sir, could you please take the pot off your chest and put it on your back and try again?” Professor Kweku Ananse was back on his feet as if by magic. He did not argue at all. He behaved like a dying patient in the presence of a medical doctor. As the boy said, he managed to climb the tree, tied the coconut, drank the water and survived.

When Professor Kweku Ananse regained his full strength and power, he first took the pot from his neck as it hung there. He looked at himself, looked at the pot of wisdom on the ground and said: “Why should I, the professor of wisdom, who has wisdom in my pot, have to take instructions from a little boy before I can survive?” He was angry with the pot. He kicked the pot with his left foot and raised it so high in the air that it hit the ground – “pkoaaa!”. From that day, no human being except the Creator of the universe had the right to have a monopoly on wisdom.

I told this anecdote to prove to the youth of Africa that it is not always true

every old man has more wisdom than the young man. In other words, one can be very young, but spiritually evolved, spiritually developed, technologically advanced, and smarter than some white-bearded, hairy octogenarian.

ICT tools

As a layman, I don’t pretend to be into any ICT discipline. So, for the purposes of this article, what I mean by ICT tools in this context are basically some of the equipment.

or machines used in communication or dissemination of information or transmission of messages throughout the world, if desired. For example, telephone, fax machine, radio, television, film/video, computer/Internet with reference to mobile phone, etc.

In October 2005, the Ghana Education Service authorities in Accra had reason to ban the use of mobile phones by students in the country’s primary and secondary institutions. While some parents and guardians greeted the announcement with surprise and concern, many concerned people hailed the guidance as a step in the right direction. In fact, the Director General of the Ghana Education Service was commended for taking such a firm yet subtle measure. It is aimed at eliminating the growing technological disorientation among students, which is causing a decline in the level of education in the country. But whether or not this ban is enforced in schools related to letter and spirit is another matter. However, the manual was generally considered more popular among Ghanaians than elsewhere. Why?

One Saturday in November 2005, this writer attended a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting at Aquinas Secondary School in Accra. In that meeting, the issue of indiscipline among students, absenteeism, I do not have professionalism in the classroom, any unpleasant way of dressing, which is called “hot fisher” or in this sense and above all, the use or misuse of mobile phones. were raised and discussed in classrooms during classes.

As a matter of fact, the assistant principal in charge of the administration of that school not only showed us, but also staged how some students go to school with all kinds of sophisticated mobile phones, disrupting the lesson to the detriment of others. He recalled that ever since the Ghana Education Service issued a directive banning the use of cell phones in secondary schools, he has been confiscating cell phones from recalcitrant students on a daily basis.

The esteemed assistant says with regret that sometimes, when the teacher was busy explaining a very difficult topic to the students, suddenly a “hujuh” music would come out of one or another student’s pocket and it would disturb the serious teacher’s attention and attract everyone’s attention. the students went to the place where the famous sound of the mobile phone was heard.

At times, while a caring teacher who may not have earned his meager salary tried his best to impart all his knowledge to his beloved students, some students just enjoyed enjoying the music on their mobile phones. . Sometimes, some students deliberately cover their ears with headphones, and when the teacher asks them a question, they sheepishly look at the teacher’s face like a “Sahara desert goat”. My young African brothers and sisters in the 21st century, this kind of behavior or attitude is what I mean by NEGATIVE PROGRAMMING.


At the PTA meeting, when the assistant principal told parents that he had confiscated about three cell phones that same week and insisted that he would never return them to their owners, more than 300 members in attendance supported his actions. – drag. In fact, most of the parents and guardians encouraged him to be fearless and discipline any student who violates the school’s rules and regulations.


Please be aware that everything in nature has its pros and cons. So, too

ICT. Depending on how you use ICT tools, it can affect your life accordingly.

For example, if you visit a website, you can use the Internet to learn what you want

to know under the sun. You can study e-mathematics, e-technology, e-biology, e-chemistry, e-physics, e-journalism, e-law, e-engineering, e-agriculture, e-science, e-commerce, e-football. , electronic music, electronic boxing, electronic writing, electronic drama, electronic health, electronic life and electronic death. In

In other words, you can study everything from archeology to zoology online. All you have to do is use one of the search engines like Google and type in any topic you want.

to know and you are there. This aspect of ICT allows you to be in what is called a “virtual university”.

However, if you enter the Internet only to use your knowledge to steal other people’s money by hacking their credit cards, like some young people in some African countries, including Ghana, Nigeria and others, it is not enough. Others may do the same in other continents. But Africans should not copy bad cultures. Again, if you go to the Internet just to look at pornographic sites, you are violating your moral and ethical integrity and the impact it can have on you in the future.

In 1994 or so, the BBC Africa Network did a program about how Cameroonian youth use cyber cafes in that country not to learn anything good on the internet, but to view pornographic sites. A similar incident happened in Ghana not long ago. So, when you go to some Internet cafes, such as Busy Internet in Accra, there is a notice posted there that prohibits people from viewing pornographic sites.

Today, the mobile phone has become a very important ICT tool that helps everyone in their economic activities. For example, in Ghana, fishermen take mobile phones into the sea. While fishing, they can now contact their senior fishermen at home to inform them of how things are going in the field. They also use mobile phones to check fish prices in different markets with their agents and customers before landing with their catch. At least the fishermen of Apam and More, all in the central region of Ghana, use mobile phones for profitable use. This is a positive and constructive application of the ICT tool.

But if you, the young people who are the future leaders, cover your ears or listen to music in the classrooms while your teacher is teaching, then what kind of leaders will you be tomorrow? If one day you become president and teachers, doctors, nurses, police officers and other workers go on strike and campaign for better working conditions, will you close your ears and enjoy it while your citizens are in the streets with slogans? You can use mobile phones in an emergency, like seven-year-old Kojo Nyansakh in the story. Therefore, beware of the negative use of ICT tools.

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