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How to Fix Your Golf Swing

We all want to have a fluid, beautiful swing like Adam Scott’s, power down like Phil Mickelson’s and Tiger Woods’ and have the ability to repeat that swing day in and day out.

But what keeps most fans from that silky, powerful spin?

Most likely it’s your hamstrings and your low back.

We want to explore the connection between your hammies, your low back, and that less than PGA pro, Golf Magazine type of golf.

Let’s start with your bands. Most of us think we know where our joints are and what they do, but do we really? We hear all the time about baseball players, football players, and basketball players going down with leg injuries. This is a common problem in many sports, including golf.

What are they and what do they do?

The hamstrings are a group of muscles located at the back of your upper leg. The hamstring group consists of three individual muscles: semimembranous, semitendinosus and biceps femoris. To make it easier on my typing and on your eyes we’ll keep it simple and call them your clauses. The function of the spine in your body is very complex.

I will try to make it simple for you. First, your legs will bend your knees. Also, your legs help stabilize your hip area. So when you do almost any activity, the bones actually help support your hips. They are great stabilizers. So the next time you’re on the dance floor trying to do your best impression of Fred Astaire or John Travolta, think about how hard those hammies are working!

In addition to bending the knee and stabilizing the hips, your feet help rotate your foot inward and outward. Let’s try something. Right now, stand up and turn your foot in (pigeon toe) and then turn your foot out (duck toe). These two foot/leg movements use the bands to perform inward and outward motions. This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it should give you an idea of ​​how much bones are involved in the human body.

What about my back pain?

I think we all know where the back is, especially if you’re a golfer. If you suffer from back problems like half the world’s golfers, you know intimately where your back is and how it affects your daily life.

The lower back is basically a small muscle group. All these small muscles together make up the lower back area of ​​the body. The muscles of the lower back have many functions. To begin with, the muscles of the lower back help stabilize your spine at all times, especially during movement. Additionally, the lower back muscles are used extensively to rotate your torso and bend your hips forward/backward. Remember that your lower back muscles are probably active and working 99% of the time. They have done a ton! Every day. When was the last time you spent hours pulling weeds in the yard? How did your back and hamstrings feel the next day?

Okay, now, how about that thick swing that my golf buddies are giving me a hard time for?

Now, on to the golf swing. The golf swing is essentially a total body movement that requires the body to move through several planes of motion. The body should stabilize your swing, accelerate aggressively on the downswing, swing quickly, and slow down in very short order during the golf swing. This causes a lot of stress on the body and causes fatigue all over. For some of us, fatigue sets in on the range, and for others it is after a rest of 72 holes and a few hands of poker with the guys. For PGA Tour fans, let’s hope it goes after the 18th on Sunday in front of TV cameras and thousands of spectators.

The connection is that the hamstrings and low back work incredibly hard during the golf swing and often one or the other (low back or hamstrings or even both) gets “tight.” Our determination is about what most of you have experienced at one time or another. And I think it’s safe to say that besides the feeling of the muscles getting tight, you know what it’s doing to your game.

So knowing that these two body parts are connected to circulation, now what?

Here’s why the Golf Channel won’t be calling you to rave about your beautiful swing anytime soon….until you fix a few things.

Both the back and hamstrings get “tight” from hanging the club. When you actively use both of these muscle groups in your golf swing, these muscles become “fatigued.” What do I mean when I say “tired”? That’s it! They get tired, which means the muscles get tired. They have no gas left in the tank. And when muscles are tired, they don’t work properly or efficiently, and they become shortened and restricted. This is basically the body’s way of telling you that your muscles are tired and that they need rest. It is also a “defense mechanism” of sorts for the body to prevent injury. If you continue to “work” tired muscles, they will eventually become injured. So when you practice your golf swing for a long period of time, say 18 holes or a long practice session, your back and hamstrings get tired. If they get tired enough, they become “tight.” And this is how these muscles affect your circulation. Your plate looks stiff and twisted.

So it’s the fatigue that’s really making my circulation hard?

Golf swings require your body to move through a very complex range of motion. This range of motion is essentially a backswing to follow. This wide range of motion allows the golfer to swing the club in the correct direction, create clubhead speed, and swing the club with proper timing. Ultimately, it comes down to the right golfer. In order for all these movements to occur in the correct sequence, all the muscles of the body must be “loose” and have their normal range of motion available to them. It’s like someone taking most of your clubs away before the game. Not a money maker. No driver (probably a boon for most golfers). No gems. You probably won’t score as well without having all your important clubs available to you.

Without your hammies and back running on a full tank of gas, you have a solid, thick golf wheel. This results in less clubhead speed and less chance of the club moving in the correct plane or with the correct timing. It’s surprising when you think about how these two muscle groups involved in the golf swing can hinder your performance if they are “off”.

So I haven’t gotten better after all these lessons!

We all need a coach or mentor. Phil Mickelson obviously has a swing coach, a short game coach, and I help him with his physical training.

What I am saying is that without training your body to adapt to your swing, your improvement in your swing will be limited to the strength, flexibility and endurance of your core and back area.

I suggest a specific golf training program that helps prepare the body to swing the golf club. This type of program focuses on developing the proper range of motion in these muscle groups for the golf swing. This type of program helps develop the strength, endurance and power needed for the golf swing. Additionally, a program like this can help prevent injuries to the back and other parts of the body.

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