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True Soul Mates – Do They Really Exist?

Human love cannot last in a marriage or relationship unless it expresses itself divinely. If you do not have the magnetic power of divine love, which has its source in God alone, marriage cannot be fun. This means that the husband has to give up some baseball, football, hockey, boxing and all sports in the world. I have a friend who spends six hours watching football games when they play; it’s one football game after another, but married people should make each other happy and take care of each other.

Married couples do not respect each other and when this happens, their marriage is on the rocks. Beauty, sex appeal, intelligence, personal magnetism and culture are not enough to keep a couple happy when there is no “divine love”. What does that mean? Love is not a human trait. Love is God himself. When you love people, you allow God to pass you by for a moment. He is the one who loves when you think you love your mother; He is the one who loves your mother. He is the one who loves your father and; He is the one who loves your children. You are blessed to be the recipient of this love. You must understand that God loves the wife through the husband and it is God who loves the husband through the wife. If no one is spiritual and you have not found a spiritual man or a spiritual woman… do not marry; you don’t like Every mother and father should teach this to their children.

True soul mates do exist, but in life we ​​get what we deserve; But remember that you have the power of prayer, and if the power of prayer does not change your husband or wife, it will definitely change you. There is a problem in family life; do you know what this is? You always want to know, don’t you? You can’t; no more than you can understand each other. We have twelve billion neurons in our brain, each brain has different neurons. Therefore, in order to communicate with each other, the biochemistry of psychoneurons in the brain must be compatible. So how do you change each other’s brains? To get along, you need to change your brain chemistry by meditating together.

Every thought, every action is based on a burst of energy that directs the neuron biochemistry to our brain, and if we are not in harmony with love, it is impossible to understand each other, apart from this love. Love embraces, love understands and becomes intuitive. Many people have so much prejudice in their minds just because of depression. Do you know where these frustrations come from? They come from an inner loneliness that your husband or wife can never fill. God has made His creation a perfect proof…without Him you will never know love. The less love you have, the more lonely you feel. Lack of love is the absence of God. Your soul has forgotten its relationship with God through countless incarnations. The memory of His bliss is deeply preserved in your mind. Most people think that by attracting their true soul mate, they can fill this void of inner loneliness.

We can get in touch with this happiness through meditation. Someone asked about marriage in front of two thousand people: “When the spark of love in marriage has died down and I feel like I can never do enough or be enough or pray enough as a woman because I don’t have enough energy. . or another time for unselfish devotion; shall we both just fulfill our role as a spiritual marriage, as it is true, without any emotion attached to it? We do not fly before God on eagles’ wings.” Now, this woman was very poetic, which was great. Well, my dear, the moment we enter this world, we enter the right shirt collar, remember this.

Here are the qualifications for a perfect marriage; marriage is so beautiful that every day you fall in love without anger and unite with your husband or wife; you can feel, think and act in perfect harmony. How can you achieve this? Are you sure you can attract your true mate? The wise masters say that it is, but before you get married, you need to do a little cleaning first and get a secret approval to attract your soulmate … these are the eight threats or traps of the heart. These are mild forms, anger, jealousy, enmity, hatred and malice, violent actions, anger and caustic speech. Guilt, shame, fear, insecurity, and worst of all…gossip are included.

Every time you criticize someone, you are automatically aligning with that person and removing bad karma from them. You are taking on very bad traits of that person. You don’t know how you connect. We are all connected to our brains by energetic fibers and are one with this creation, sharing good and evil according to how we make it. The love of gossip is low, to harm the soul of others. Although the criticized hurts, the critic hurts more. When unrighteous criticism becomes tainted, evil oppressors are doomed by the inexorable law of karma and condemned by their own consciences. They are condemned to live in mental agony in their own suicide prison.

These are mentally ill conditions and the conviction should be cleared before marriage. Family pride, racial bigotry, and self-righteousness mean a very complacent know-it-all. Therefore, that grinding process that you do not like in family life is completely natural. You help each other to gradually overcome all your misunderstandings and limitations.

If you give up on this in your married life and get divorced and get married again and get divorced and get married again. Do you know where you will be in your next life? …to the monastic order and you can’t get out. This servitude, which forces you to recreate life after life, must be worked into monastic order or family life. The best advice for choosing a mate is to carefully analyze the forces of attraction. Most people want to be independent in choosing their marriage partner. Here’s what a parent should say to their son or daughter when asking for advice. What qualities should a man pay attention to when choosing a woman? “He should be homely and kind like a homing pigeon, with the loyalty of a dog, with the purity of a dove and the wisdom of an elephant, and with the sweet voice of a nightingale.” What qualities should we pay attention to when choosing a husband? “The loyalty of a dog, the strength and courage of a lion, the wisdom of an elephant, be like a dove that loves its home.”

Most young couples are attracted to each other because of their good looks and similarities in common things. For example, we “like” each other because we enjoy the same profession and he makes the perfect business partner. We also like the same kind of movies and sports. We have similar interests in music. She understands my business, having a woman take a huge interest in my career. Making the wrong choice can hurt my business. Never get married with excitement or excitement because you can mistake emotional pleasure for love. This type of pleasure leads lovers astray. If you marry only for beauty, the rule is those who attract beauty and good looks, then the good looks disappear and then the beautiful face can look ugly. When a woman marries only for money or a man who likes to marry for money hears these words, “he married me for my money.” You can’t get rich quick with money. A woman goes with the boundaries for a man, and the woman becomes unhappy because she is never satisfied with her spouse; and some of these husbands beat their wives.

There are those who earn money by climbing the social ladder into society by marrying for social status, and these too usually end in failure. Pure love is the greatest medicine of love. Picture pure love only when you can feel it. Pure love is free from conditions and makes the mind and body beautiful.

There is scientific confirmation given by a true spiritual master that will allow you to attract your soul mate if you follow all his instructions. This affirmation is covered in my other article Cosmic Romance – Attract Your Soul Mate and True Love with Secret Affirmations.

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