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ARF-MC – The Life Performance Model

Remember this abbreviation! It may seem a little confusing, but this information has been 20 years in the making. I invite anyone to go against it. Think of all the great achievements you’ve had and you’ll find this pattern in all of them! Guaranteed!

1. Relationship

Your body reflects your attitude. Every unwanted pound is an unwanted thought that you need to shed. Think you are thin and you will be. Love your body and you will attract more people, places and things that make you love your body such as: health, wealth and healthy people. If you hate your body, you will attract people, places, and things that help support that thought, such as disease, poverty, and unhealthy people.

A healthy attitude is what leads to the success of the curriculum; not the curriculum itself!

Just as a budding flower reflects what is fed by its roots, your body reflects your attitude. Your body is now a collection of all the thoughts and decisions you have made so far. If you have anxiety and worry, your body will reflect an attitude of anxiety and worry. There is no way the relationship will change without the body following. Therefore, your mental outlook on your life should be the first thing to change; not your cardio program!

2. Recovery

If your body is too tired, it cannot perform at its peak. Massage is a treatment that harmonizes the whole body. It can help treat chronic headaches, spinal and nerve problems, PMS, chronic fatigue syndrome and countless other symptoms. Hydrotherapy is one of the fastest ways to recover. Jacuzzi, pool and ice are all examples of hydrotherapy. They are one of the most commonly used items in rehabilitation centers. Our body is 75% water; so it’s no wonder why water is our main source of energy. Myofacial therapy is a technique designed to release any knots from the muscles to help with postural deviations and overall body movement. If you get injured, you don’t play. Recovery helps prevent injury.

When you over train your body without allowing adequate time for recovery, it will rebel against you with injury and mental burnout. The recovery component is the most important part of any training. The old school train of thought is no pain and no gain. But the new train of thought is that more pain equals more pain! Don’t let pride get in the way of your results. Listen to your body and strategically plan your exercise program with your rest days in advance. You’ll also want to plan how you’ll take some of those days off. Whether it’s a splash in the ocean water, which is great for your body, or a massage, restore your body! It will thank you for it with results.

3. Fuel

The composition of water regulates all functions of the body. A deficiency of this natural body oil will manifest various signs, signals and complications that are now listed as diseases. It is a natural health remedy for various health ailments such as: arthritis pain, back pain, headache, constipation, asthma and allergies. It is also great for weight loss. Many people overeat because they unknowingly quench their thirst.

Many times people pull and tear muscles and the first thing they think is that they haven’t stretched enough. However, the body can warn of drought in certain areas by causing various pains and injuries in certain areas of the body. Back pain, arthritis pain, and headaches are just a few symptoms of dehydration.

When you complain of joint pain, your doctor rarely suspects you have arthritis. They say to relax, freeze and buy your medicine from a powerful pharmaceutical company. They don’t question how hydrated your body is; treat symptoms of dehydration. Over time, this symptom becomes something else, for which more drugs or surgery are prescribed. The medical industry is exploiting our body’s thirst for water and we don’t even know it. Think of your body as a machine. If the car was low on oil, it would slowly destroy the engine or any other part that needs lubrication. So is our body.

The less water you drink, the less your joints will hurt. So, when your body hurts, don’t reach for the pill, reach for the water. You want to drink at least half your body weight in ounces. For example, I weigh 225 pounds, so I want to drink at least 113 ounces of water a day, or just under a gallon. We can’t go with the traditional 8 cups a day because not everyone is one size fits all. A college offensive lineman can’t drink the same amount of water as a 125 pound woman!

Food keeps your metabolism going throughout the day. Think of your metabolism like a wood fire. A fire burns the fastest and hottest when you feed it small pieces of wood all day long. If you leave a large piece of wood once or twice a day, it will burn slowly. The goal is to eat five to six times a day and keep your fire burning fast. 75% of your success is determined by how accurate you are with your food record. It may take a few weeks to get used to eating regularly throughout the day; especially if you only eat 1-2 times a day for 10 to 20 years. Be patient with yourself and know that you will make mistakes because you are human.

Much of the food we eat is laced with pesticides, chemicals, and hormones that affect your mind like any other drug. Fruits and vegetables are basically sponges that absorb all the nutrients or chemicals from the soil. It is not for nothing that we have a society with inexplicable pains and illnesses. Our animals are full of hormones that affect our bodies when we eat them. The best way to go is to eat all organic fruits and vegetables and animal products that are free from cages and hormones. It definitely affects your mind and body. Most importantly, it improves the performance of your life.

Multivitamins are designed to provide all kinds of nutrients that are not in your regular diet. It’s impossible to eat a perfect diet at the same time, have a cell phone and an internet community, and not need a multivitamin. Multivitamin contains a lot of nutrients with 5000 calories of food!

4. Movement

Power is a combination of strength, agility and speed. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a cabin queen, you want to be strong, fast, and agile. The weaker, slower and more out of sync you are, the faster your body will age and the worse your shape will be! Men have sailed the Atlantic Ocean and died in search of the fountain of youth; but you can build the best machine possible by training to have a strong body. Your options depend on your lifestyle and time constraints. The human body is the best machine ever designed. The earth does not work the same way every day. Not every day is sunny and not every day is rainy. Your workouts should reflect your life. You can run, walk, swim, bike, lift weights, do Pilates or yoga. Just do something!

Moderate to high intensity cardio burns more calories than old school low intensity cardio. Moderate to high intensity cardio has an afterburn that lasts much longer than low intensity cardio. Lifting weights is even more beneficial as it helps keep the body’s metabolism up for 2 to 3 days. Cardio burns your muscles, so you can’t just do cardio. The afterburn from the weights lasts for days, not just a few hours of cardio. We aim to do more intense workouts to create more afterburn and challenge the mental and physical aspects of our training. Sprinting helps the body release human growth hormone, which helps add muscle and speed up metabolism. It also prepares for emergencies that happen in life. We cannot always walk at our own pace; Sometimes you have to run across the street for your dog, your child, or your life!

5. Coaching

There has never been a successful person who did not have a coach or mentor. Where do you get your health and fitness information? Is it a knowledgeable and experienced source? Certificates can be thrown out the door when compared to experience. We say this because we have both. Most all health and fitness information starts in the trenches and finds its way into the black. We know we don’t have all the answers. We know that some of the concepts we follow today may be rejected tomorrow. If we don’t have an answer to a problem, we seek out and find someone who does, rather than just telling someone something we don’t know about. We recommend all of our clients do their own research so they can be confident with the knowledge they have.

Knowledge controls how far we can move in life. It creates friction between people, money and most importantly, your health. We must always seek more knowledge and strive to improve ourselves, knowing that we will never get there. This is the fastest way to reach your next goal. You can never have enough knowledge. Don’t be locked into one learning style. The Body Blast workout is just one style of training. There are an infinite number of teaching methods. Your exercise routine should be like water, constantly changing. This is the law of life. Your body will only respond to the laws of life.

ARF-MC! Remember this abbreviation! I overcame 20 years of mistakes, injuries, losses, championship teams, and athletic highs to gain national recognition for designing this model, among other things. Cut short and learn these 5 simple letters now! You will have great achievements in health and fitness as well as in your whole life. Guaranteed!

I leave you with this motivational quote from Anthony Robbins to help you discover what really motivates you to be your best.

“People aren’t lazy. They just have weak goals, goals that don’t inspire them.” – Anthony Robbins

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