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Olympic Caliber

It’s an Olympic year, so many people don’t know how to become an Olympic athlete. The physical and mental progression from one level to the next, as well as the financial costs involved in making the journey from a young hopeful through the ranks to being recognized as an elite caliber athlete is a long endeavor. For many, the journey ends early. For others, the financial pressure is too great to overcome. Then there are others whose physical characteristics make it impossible to reach the pinnacle of athletic success.

For elite and professional athletes, achieving this level of excellence in your sport comes at a high price. When we look at the price paid for sports today, we realize how much money is actually involved. When we compare spending to just 50 years ago, it’s another proof of how our society has become so consumed with wealth. Just look at what the New York Yankees did by signing a baseball player to an unprecedented multi-million dollar contract last year. To top it off, if that athlete gets injured and can’t play, they are obligated to pay his full salary. This was unprecedented 60 years ago.

We all have to remember that 60 years ago many young people were playing minor league baseball and Pop Warner football. I myself remember playing baseball every Saturday rain or shine. I had a four finger leather baseball glove that my dad bought and I think that was the only expense we paid for me to play. When I entered high school, my parents did not pay extra to participate in interscholastic sports, be it cross country, swimming, or track. School uniforms, heating, and our transportation to remote meetings are all covered by the school district. Imagine if 60 years ago there was no real financial disadvantage preventing our parents from participating in interscholastic sports. Today, this is not the case. With school budget cuts at the forefront of debate in school districts across the country, so many sports programs have been eliminated or fees are a concern. As the cost of participating in interscholastic sports continues to rise, many hopefuls are left out of the opportunity simply because many parents do not have the extra financial resources to get their children involved in after-school activities.

Going back to my college years, how fortunate I was to be able to participate in intercollegiate sports, albeit with a partial athletic scholarship that paid for expenses. It should be remembered that the price of education in public universities was relatively low compared to today. In general, the cost of a sports career was much cheaper than it is today. In fact, athletes today are spending more and more on high-tech gadgets to record and even enhance their performance. I fondly remember when we were in cross country and track season, stopwatches.

When money is involved today, there has been a gradual breakdown of behavior. It was during my long athletic and professional career that I witnessed the decline in personal and professional behavior among many professional athletes. The professionalism and camaraderie of the 50s, 60s and early 70s has given way to an ideology of selfishness, self-serving, self-gratification, and self-interest, in which one is all consumed by monetary compensation and sacrifice without respect for one’s colleagues. , competitors and fans. Gone is the sense of togetherness that was once the primary motivation for being an athlete.

What has changed the game for the “Love of the Game” is that now players in all professional sports and most college sports have embraced the philosophy of self-love. When and where they play for the exorbitant amount of money they are offered, the professionalism, respect for each player, the fans and the public at large has dwindled to the point where players now expect respect, attention and publicity. to be given to them. It’s not because of their ability, the respect they have for players, coaches and fans, but because of the amount of money they are paid. Whether or not they actually develop the professional skills that should be demonstrated when people achieve this level of athleticism is often not demonstrated now.

I remember the first time I participated in a sports competition. The excitement, the excitement and the respect I had for myself, my coaches and the other competitors made me feel that being in the competition was an incredible experience. Whether I won or came last was not the focus. My coaches have learned that winning is not the most important thing, but just being able to do the best you can is what competition is all about. Of course, everyone likes to win, but even if you lose or come in second, as long as you tried, you succeeded and that’s a victory.

Today, many high school and college athletes are lured by the prospect of lucrative professional sports contracts. Many are tempted to forgo a college career or forgo graduation and opt for a professional contract, only to find that after their career ends or an injury prevents them from competing, they have too few qualifications to start a career. remain. outside of sports.

Most of these individuals are mentally, emotionally and educationally incapable of understanding the scope of responsibilities involved in professional sports contracts. What has happened in professional sports today is that they have actually encouraged a type of behavior that is unprofessional on the part of the athletes themselves. I’m not saying that all professional sports athletes fall into this kind of behavior, but the media constantly exploits certain individuals where the general public actually encourages student and professional athletes to engage in the most unprofessional behavior.

“For the love of the game or sport! A time is not so far away. A day when players and athletes actually played and competed for the enjoyment of the sport itself, not because of how much money they have or will be paid. In Winning is the ultimate goal in the world of sports. The key here is to attract the caliber of players who demonstrate the highest level of excellence when they actually play or compete. To always perform at their best, they create a winning effect that is very important. is in today’s professional sports.

Today’s aspiring young athletes must learn self-restraint and resist the temptation to abandon their education in pursuit of this lucrative contract, which is actually a short-sighted and misguided attempt to disrupt the process of individuals’ lives. It is important that students and student-athletes are held accountable for their behavior on and off the field of play while participating in their sport. They must demonstrate a high level of personal respect and treat everyone with courtesy, respect and sincerity.

Is it any wonder that, given that many schools do not routinely fund physical education and so many other cultural activities in the elementary and secondary school systems, the existence of the same programs that were once considered a permanent part of today’s students and aspiring young athletes , find it difficult. educational experience just 60 years ago? Until schools across the country recognize the importance of sports and the arts in their educational experiences and find ways to exclude families and individuals with disabilities from participating simply because these programs are too expensive, many an aspiring athlete, musician or actor will not be able to participate. are deprived of opportunities. to reach their full potential. The net result is one of the reasons for our society’s departure from the moral values ​​of a time not so far away. Very sad commentary for today.

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