Why Did The Football Coach Go To The Bank Debt Problems – You Can Laugh at Them if You Follow This Simple Spiritual Plan

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Debt Problems – You Can Laugh at Them if You Follow This Simple Spiritual Plan

We start the engines today by looking at a famous verse from the book of Luke 6:38

Give, and it shall be given unto you: a good measure that is squeezed, shaken together, and run into your bosom. Because as much as you use, it will come back to you.” NKJ

Please accept these 2 prayer points with fire in your soul:

o I withdraw all my possessions from satanic banks in Jesus name

O my Lord, restore all that I have lost as a result of spiritual ignorance sevenfold.

Bishop and vision

I know a bishop who wanted to build a 50,000-seat prayer hall in 1999. The unusual thing was… he expected to do it from start to finish without borrowing from anyone… not even the bank.

He also set a target of 12 months to complete.

Now this kind of project has never been done by anyone in his part of the world. So everyone was watching with interest…waiting for him to fail.

Well, he didn’t just succeed…he succeeded spectacularly.

The entire project, which took the size of 4 football fields, was completed in 11 months – one month ahead of schedule!

And this happened in a place where 90% of the people lived below the poverty line.

He then made further progress and established a full-fledged university there.

Such “impossible” feats thrill me…so I decided to dig into this bishop’s background a little to find out how he did it.

Here are some interesting facts I discovered:

o This man of God is a chronic and incurable giver. He has been like this for 30 years. There is a story of how he gave the only money his wife had set aside to buy baby food for their 6 month old baby… to a church member who had an urgent financial need!

o Half of that time (30 years) he and his family lived in extreme poverty…and he was right in giving.

o He fasted daily for 3 years (yes, you read that right) before his ministry exploded in signs and wonders.

o might just be one of the longest dining tables – it’s designed to seat at least 40 people at a time. And every day at least 40 people have lunch at his house … as we say.

This is true. This man lives and breathes the famous message we’ve all heard: “You can’t outrun God.”

But what makes him different is that he doesn’t just stop there.

He takes things to the next level… and there’s a deep secret here.

The next level

He interacts… with people young and old, poor and rich, young and old.

He believes that basically all relationships in life act like “arteries” or pipes in the spiritual realm.

For example, when God blesses you, He usually does it through someone. A relationship with that person is actually a conduit through which blessings flow to you.

Relationships are the key to everything!

No wonder Jesus Christ said that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

When they asked Him (Jesus) about the greatest commandment in the book, He gave them two commands:

First, about the relationship with God

The second is about relationships… with people

Please pay close attention here:

All your relationships are conduits through which God blesses you.

But there can be a blockage in the relationship.

For example, there may be closure in marital relationships. When this special vein is blocked, love and affection will no longer flow between husband and wife.

Call it a heart attack or the death of a marriage.

Your various business relationships are also lifelines…connecting employers and employees, managers and employees, vendors and buyers.

The money that flows to you through your business transactions or the work you do flows through these arteries.

When they close…then the money doesn’t go to you.

In many cases, severe blockages can also travel to the physical vessels of the body…causing physical illness.

All relationships between people, between business partners, between husband and wife, brother and sister, between parents and children are spiritual vessels that are closed and cause “illness”.

Every time you interact with someone in your life – friend or stranger, family member, co-worker – please remember that you are affecting the veins of your life that radiate out into the world…you.

If you fail to control the relationships in your life…and allow the blocks to continue unchecked…a “disease” can occur.

This disease can manifest itself as:




Children on drugs


Unstable family

Or even a heart attack

Any of the following can happen –

– despite your prayers

— regardless of your giving

If you do everything else right, but allow obstacles in your relationship, your miracles won’t manifest quickly enough.

At this level, please close your eyes and pray these prayers with a holy cry to God:

o The fire of God burn away all the blockages in my spiritual pipes in the name of Jesus

o Every power causing relationship problems in my life, be buried, in the mighty name of Jesus.

o Everything in my life that is scaring my divine helpers, come out now in the name of Jesus.

Do you now understand why the Bible warns us against things like anger, bad communication, backbiting, hatred, envy, resentment, unforgiveness, envy, etc.?

It’s for our own good!

Letting go of anger, revenge, jealousy, worry, fear, etc. and working diligently to build healthy relationships is the key to bringing your desires into your life…every day.

If you are serious about praying to get out of debt, you need to watch what you say about others…and how you react when others say terrible things about you.

And remember what I said here:

o Build relationships and bridges of understanding with the people you meet every day.

o Give your essence… and your time – be generous so the channels are open and open.

Now here are the remaining prayers to get out of debt.

Oh Lord, send me divine counselors who can help me with my finances

Father, show me what to do so that financial crisis does not reoccur in my business in Jesus name.

Father, help me make a recovery plan to get me out of debt in Jesus name.

O my Lord, give me wisdom to avoid unfavorable business situations in Jesus name.

Lord, help me to take measures to avoid financial failure.

O my Lord, create new and profitable opportunities for me.

o I refuse to be a borrower. I will lend to many nations in the name of Jesus.

o I bind every spirit of senseless shopping and worthless purchases in the name of Jesus

o Every spirit of greed operating in my life, I bind and cast you out in the name of Jesus.

o All my spiritually taken money will be returned to me 7 times in Jesus name.

o Every power delaying my miracles, be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.

o Everything in the spiritual world casting an evil eye on my life, receive complete blindness in the name of Jesus.

Oh Lord, begin to use the people around me to bless me in a powerful new way in Jesus name.

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